photinia hedging

photinia hedging

lavender hedging

lavender hedging

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the best hedging varieties for year-round cover and privacy. 

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perfectly suited to planting throughout the British Isles.

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Inspiration & Advice

  1. How often do I water my hedging plants?
    How often do I water my hedging plants?

    There are many methods and ways of watering, but here we talk about the best method of watering in order to get the best out of your plants. The general rule of thumb when it comes to watering is t...

  2. Get into Gardening to Improve Your Health
    Get into Gardening to Improve Your Health

    Here are some great reasons to get in the garden, helping to improve our physical and mental health.

  3. June Gardening Advice
    June Gardening Advice

    Summer is finally here and we are so excited! This month we have the Garden Wildlife Week, we cover how to help the wildlife in your garden but also the top 5 hedging jobs you can be doing in your ...

  4. Hedging Plants For Full Sun
    Hedging Plants For Full Sun

    One of the best things about summer is the huge amount of blossoms that greet you with a burst of colour when you step into the garden. And, if you’re lucky enough for your garden to be a suntrap...

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best4hedging is the UK’s leading specialist in garden hedging, plants and trees. We’ve sold and dispatched millions of hedges online, as well as garden plants from 20cm bare-root whips to 4m tall, heavy root balls in the last ten years since opening our online retail store. But we’re not just an online retailer, our wealth of experience and knowledge in horticulture goes beyond this.

Through our expertise in hedging and plants, we developed a Planting Advice section on our website. This will help you choose the right species for you garden, as well as tips on growing and maintaining your plants. You can also contact our experienced sales and advice team or call on 01257 261 243 . Our team will help you build a shortlist and give you the pros and cons of each species.

Whether you want to plant hedging to make your garden private, to plant vibrant flowering hedging and topiary trees to create a garden feature, or grow a blossoming fruit tree, you'll find what you're looking for with best4hedging.