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RSPB Approved Economy Bird Friendly hedging

Economy Bird Friendly hedge pack
  • From £59.99 (ex VAT)

Our RSPB Economy Bird Friendly hedging packs make a fantastic addition to wildlife gardens as they include a combination of hedge plants specifically chosen for their value to birds, insects and other small animals.

Bare root and cell grown bundles are made up of a mixture of the following 5 species;

Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna)
Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa)
Field Maple (Acer campestre)
Alder (Alnus glutinosa)
Guelder Rose (Viburnum opulus)

As the exclusive retailers of RSPB Bird Friendly hedging, the species in these packs offer food for birds in the form of berries, seeds and sloes, whilst also providing dense foliage that’s perfect for nesting sites. Planting an RSPB approved Economy Bird Friendly hedging pack will create a thriving biodiversity in your garden, attracting a variety of insects that are an additional food source for the birds visiting your hedge. Not only are these mixed hedges ideal to help the birds in your garden, but they also provide masses of seasonal interest with beautiful summer flowers and rich autumn colours decorating the hedge.

Developed under licence from RSPB Sales Ltd. to raise awareness of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (charity registration England and Wales no. 207076, Scotland no. SC037654). For all licensed products sold by Best4Hedging Ltd, Best4Hedging Ltd will donate £2000 per annum to RSPB Sales Ltd, which gives all its distributable profits through Gift Aid to the RSPB.

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Image Root Type Height Now Mix Base Extra Info No. Per MetreMore Info1+ Quantity Qty
RSPB Approved Economy Bird Friendly hedging Root: Pot Grown Root Type: Cell Grown x 100 Height Now: 20/40cm Mix Base: Hawthorn RSPB Approved Economy Bird Friendly hedging 1+ £99.99 (ex VAT) In stock
Cell Grown x 100 20/40cm Hawthorn Pre-Order | September 2019 5-7 £99.99 (ex VAT)
RSPB Approved Economy Bird Friendly hedging Root: Pot Grown Root Type: Cell Grown x 250 Height Now: 20/40cm Mix Base: Hawthorn RSPB Approved Economy Bird Friendly hedging 1+ £219.99 (ex VAT) In stock
Cell Grown x 250 20/40cm Hawthorn Pre-Order | September 2019 5-7 £219.99 (ex VAT)
RSPB Approved Economy Bird Friendly hedging Root: Pot Grown Root Type: Cell Grown x 50 Height Now: 20/40cm Mix Base: Hawthorn RSPB Approved Economy Bird Friendly hedging 1+ £59.99 (ex VAT) In stock
Cell Grown x 50 20/40cm Hawthorn Pre-Order | September 2019 5-7 £59.99 (ex VAT)
Image Root Type Height Now Mix Base Extra Info No. Per MetreMore Info1+ Quantity Qty
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RSPB approved Economy Bird Friendly Hedging Pack description

  • Best Features: Wildlife friendly, flowers, autumn colour, berries and sloes
  • Ideal For Hedges: 1m-4m high
  • Growth Rate: Average | 20-40cm a year
  • Position: Most normal or moist (not wet) soils, sunny to full shade, sheltered or exposed inland
  • Also Consider: Our other RSPB Bird Friendly Hedging Packs or our top wildlife friendly species such as Hawthorn and Blackthorn

With huge wildlife value and attractive features through every season, our RSPB Economy Bird Friendly packs make a wonderfully diverse garden hedge. A hedge offers huge longevity and will continue to reward you year after year as you enjoy watching the wildlife in your garden make the most of your hedge, once properly established. Working closely with the RSPB Conservation Team, the following hedging species have been chosen for their ability to provide structural diversity; supply of berries; attractiveness to insects on which birds feed, and suitability of nesting sites whilst still maintaining the appealing aesthetics of a classic hedge:

Bare root and cell grown bundles are made up of a mixture of the following 5 species;

Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) - one of the best native hedging plants for British wildlife. 
Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) - a native shrub with autumn sloes, adored by hungry birds. 
Field Maple (Acer campestre) - attracts insects that are a good source of food for birds. 
Alder (Alnus glutinosa) - host to a large number of insect species that are excellent food for nesting birds. 
Guelder Rose (Viburnum Opulus) - seasonal colour provided by red autumn leaves and berries as well as white summer flowers.

Top uses for RSPB Economy Bird Friendly Hedging

Our RSPB hedging packs can make a huge difference to local wildlife, particularly bird populations that have suffered a huge decline in recent years. As well as contributing to the conservation of local wildlife species, our RSPB Bird Friendly packs also make fantastic hedging screens and windbreaks, and look great in both formal gardens or more relaxed settings, left to grow naturally. Mix up the species in your hedge for the best results and avoid planting in single species groups.

Combine RSPB Economy Bird Friendly Hedging Packs with

Add to your Bird Friendly hedge with other native hedging species for additional seasonal interest or grow as a stand-alone hedge to admire the huge variety of nature on your doorstep.

Expected growth rate of RSPB Economy Bird Friendly Hedge Bundles

Our RSPB hedging packs have an average growth rate of 20/40cm a year once established and are ideal for hedges at a height of 1-4m.

Care advice for RSPB Economy Bird Friendly Hedge

We recommend cutting back your Bird-Friendly hedge in the winter and if further pruning is required in summer, make sure you leave the berries on for hungry birds. Remember to always check for nesting birds before carrying out any maintenance. Please view the Best4hedging Care and Planting instructions in our Advice section for more information.

Planting density for Hedging Bundles

We generally recommend that mixed hedging packs like this one should be planted in a double staggered row at 5 or 7 plants per metre (to give good density at the base which is important for wildlife habitat), but you can reduce that density to 3 per metre ins a single row to economise and the plants will still form a good hedge. The rationale for a double staggered row is it provides greater density so is better for security and wildlife.

Our RSPB Economy Bird Friendly hedging packs are available from November as Bare Roots, which can be pre-ordered from mid-summer, and year-round as cell-grown plants. All of our RSPB approved hedging has been grown peat free. You can buy RSPB approved Economy Bird Friendly hedging packs from Best4hedging online with total confidence in the quality of the plants you will receive.


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