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Black Bamboo


Phyllostachys nigra

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Black Bamboo is an exotic evergreen hedging plant, also known as Phyllostachys nigra, that creates a useful screen of intensely black stems that contrast beautifully with classic, green foliage.

  • Best Features: Black and green foliage, evergreen foliage, year round interest
  • Ideal For Hedges: 2.5-4m high
  • Growth Rate: Fast | 60+cm a year
  • Position: Sunny or partial shade, moist to normal soil, sheltered and inland.
  • Also Consider: Our other Bamboo varieties for alternative stem colours and Fargesia murielae for a clump-forming bamboo variety. more ›
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Black Bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra) description

Black Bamboo is ideal for moist to well-drained soils in a sheltered, sunny to partially shaded site. As Phyllostachys nigra is extremely fast growing it is best planted in a spacious area, allowing it to spread. Alternatively, if you want to restrict its spread, then use a root barrier when planting or be vigilant at cutting back the new canes as they appear. Black Bamboo creates a unique focal point in any garden with its fluid, arching canes.

Most common uses for Black Bamboo hedging

Black Bamboo requires watering until it is established. Once the black bamboo plants have settled in after the first year and the tall, black canes have arrived, Phyllostachys nigra makes a wonderfully attractive, evergreen screening hedge.

Combine Phyllostachys nigrawith

We recommend growing this evergreen plant alone to create a dense, effective and attractive black bamboo hedge.

Growth rate of Black Bamboo

Phyllostachys nigra is very fast growing and can achieve more than 60cm pa. Black Bamboo will reach heights of 2.5-4m

Care advice for Phyllostachys nigra hedges

As Phyllostachys nigra is a fast growing plant it will need to be pruned regularly to prevent from spreading farther than desired. In the spring, unwanted or spindly canes should be cut down to ground level. New black bamboo shoots should also be pruned once they grow taller than the already established stems. Please view the Best4hedging Care and Planting instructions in our Advice section.

Suggested planting density

For information on planting density for Phyllostachys nigra please see the product table above. In the 'No. Per Metre' column you will find our recommended plant density for each individual plant species and root type.

Black Bamboo hedges are available to buy year round as Pot Grown plants.

The majority of our Black Bamboo hedging is UK grown by our hands-on experts who have years of nursery growing know-how. On the rare occasion that we source Black Bamboo from outside of the UK, we make it our priority to ensure that our suppliers are unbeaten on quality. At best for hedging we make every effort to make sure that your black bamboo plants reach you in the freshest condition and that they are of the highest standard, all whilst protecting our superb prices. Rest assured, you can buy Phyllostachys nigra hedging plants online with absolute confidence.

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