Best4hedging Joins The RSPB

We are more than happy to announce our newly established relationship with the RSPB who are widely known for their high profile projects; maintaining nature reserves and campaigning to preserve wildlife in need. The charity is also keen to increase awareness of garden activities that give nature a home with their #HomesforNature campaign. Over 1 million members and 15 million annual web visitors a year make the RSPB the largest wildlife conservation charity in Europe, and we’re delighted that they chose Best4hedging to join them in their mission for wildlife. Wildlife... Read More


Why are there holes in the leaves of my hedging plants?

Holes in the leaves of hedging plants can be quite common but are not a serious concern. They are often due to leaf scorch rather than disease and the damaged leaves will fall off as new foliage appears in the spring. An easy way to help prevent leaf scorch is by watering in the morning or evening when the sun is not strong. Any water remaining on the leaves may be evaporated by strong sun, which can burn through the leaves causing holes. This is not detrimental to the overall... Read More


Why are the leaves of my hedging plants different colours?

Often with new plants the leaves can differ in colour, this is completely normal as the growing sites may vary. For example, a plant that is grown in a windier spot may exhibit different foliage colour to that of a plant grown in a more sheltered location. Soil type can also have an impact on the colour of the leaves due to the nutrients that are available. With some species of hedging plants the young foliage displays a brighter colour, however, as the plants mature this will even out. Once... Read More


Do you offer a planting service?

Planting a hedge is really easy and the majority of our customers do it themselves or pass the responsibility onto a local gardener or landscaper. Here at Best4hedging we don’t offer a planting service however we can recommend a local member of the British Association of Landscape Industries, for large planting projects. For those willing to face the task by taking the ‘do it yourself’ approach, we’ve included some videos as a helpful guide as to what you need to plant a hedge. We also have some words of wisdom alongside... Read More


Edible Hedging – Sea Buckthorn & Apple Pie

Sea buckthorn and Apple Pie Autumn means one thing to us at best4hedging – edible hedging! It’s almost time for a number of hedging plants to begin tantalising our taste buds and for us, the green fingered gardeners, to become nature’s very own Jamie Oliver. During October, we see a number of berries bursting to be picked, mixed and cooked to create a concoction of delicious snacks. A Best4Hedging edible hedging favourite is sea buckthorn, a native plant that produces orange, soft, juicy berries rich in oils and vitamin C.... Read More

rspb ultimate bird friendly plants competition 08/10/2015

WIN Bird Friendly Hedging Bundles in our RSPB #HomesForNature Competition

At Best4hedging, we are proud of the fact we supply hedging plants that provide shelter, produce food and act as a social nesting ground for countless species of birds. Because of this we’ve teamed up with the RSPB to bring you wildlife friendly hedging packs and to celebrate, we’re giving away 3 x RSPB approved Ultimate Bird Friendly Bundles. This competition is in correspondence with the RSPB ‘Giving Nature A Home’ campaign and gives you the opportunity to win a variety of native plants that will attract the much loved birds that are returning visitors to... Read More

Halloween Family Fright Nights 01/10/2015

Our top gardening events for October 2015

As we enter autumn, what better way to celebrate the arrival of this season’s fantastic colours, foods and flavours than with a day out at one of these top gardening events… Event: A friend, a book and a garden: the Garden Museum Literary Festival Date: 3rd & 4th October Location: Hatfield House, Hatfield Park, AL9 5NQ This year, the festival will see the appearance of a variety of celebrated gardeners including Alan Ticthmarsh, Dan Pearson and Alys Fowler on hand to give advice and inspiration. The weekend will also involve... Read More

Grey seals 26/09/2015

Best nature reserves for autumn days out

Autumn is an ideal time of year to get out and enjoy nature. Discover sights and sounds unique to the season of mists and mellow fruits, before the cold weather sets in and winter presents its own wonderland. Here are our picks of the best nature reserves to spot your favourite furry friends and wild animals at their best: For grey seals….head to Donna Nook in Lincolnshire. The coastal reserve sees around 1,500 seals head to the sandy dunes to give birth in late autumn. The viewing platform, open from... Read More


When to harvest your hedgerow fruit

Edible hedges not only make a great garden feature with their spectrum of summer flowers and autumn foliage, but the fruits they produce make a tasty seasonal treat that cannot be rivaled for freshness. Being able to pick and eat berries and nuts straight from your hedging is one of the simplest pleasures of being a gardener, and sharing them with visiting wildlife is wonderfully rewarding. While most edible hedges produce their fruits between late summer and early winter, there are some exceptions, so we’ve put together this harvesting calendar so you never... Read More