July 2015

Birds nest 31/07/2015

Creating a hedgehog haven: What you can do to help your local hogs (and other animals too)

Wildlife flits in and out of your garden over the summer months and into autumn. There are a number of ways to help animals not only survive, but flourish. Making a garden animal friendly will help to attract all kinds of wildlife, with insects, birds and small mammals like hedgehogs seeing the garden as their own little haven. Sadly the number of hedgehogs and other species of wildlife in the UK is decreasing, take a look at the RSPB’s 2016 state of nature report for some worrying statistics. So follow... Read More

sustainable gardening 30/07/2015

Top trends at Tatton Park 2015

Following last week’s RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park, we’ve put together a collection of all the top gardening trends to help you find inspiration to give your outdoor space that show garden feel: Plants for pollinators Bold borders and bright perennials stole the show and there were plenty of pollinators and other insects enjoying the bee-friendly displays. Topiary Standards, spirals and symmetrical shapes added architecture and height to a number of the show gardens and exhibitor stands. Instant hedging Used as a backdrop to the show gardens and exhibitor... Read More

the lost gardens of heligan 28/07/2015

Gardens to visit with the kids over the summer holidays

With six weeks to fill with fun activities to keep the kids entertained, the summer holidays can be a little bit daunting. To make things easier we’ve put together a list of gardens and parks to visit, with plenty of events to keep both you and the children happy. National Trust Rufford Old Hall Plant it, Grow it, Eat it on Wednesday 5th August 1pm-3pm at Rufford Old Hall. This educational event gives children the chance to feel like part of the gardening team as they plant seeds that they... Read More

Dormouse in a tree 25/07/2015

Our pick of the best edible hedging for hedgehogs and other wildlife

You don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy food to invite wildlife into your garden. Planting edible hedging not only offers delicious treats for you, but it is also a way of enticing birds, insects and hedgehogs. So, if you’re willing to share your wealth of berries, you’ll most definitely be rewarded with a wonderful wildlife show throughout the year. There are many varieties of edible hedging; learn how to pick the best kind… Hawthorn Hedge Plants The density of Hawthorn Hedge Plants makes them ideal nesting spots for... Read More

hummingbird hawkmoth 24/07/2015

Mighty Moths – Why we should welcome the ugly duckling

It seems moths have a much undeserved bad reputation given that their large, fluffy wings can be a bit intimidating, especially flying directly at you when flicking the light on in a dark room. However, as with all insects, scary or not, they hold huge value in the biodiversity of your garden. As with many of Britain’s wildlife species, moths have suffered a decline in recent years with numbers falling by 40% in the last 40 years in southern Britain. However, it’s not all bad news as along with the... Read More

Leylandii hedge 23/07/2015

10 reasons to choose Leylandii hedging

When it comes to conifer hedging, Leylandii often steals the limelight, but with very good reason. This evergreen hedging plant brings a huge range of benefits to a garden, securing it a place in our top 5 most popular hedge plants. The fast growth rate, dense foliage and hardy nature are just some of the characteristics that make Leyland cypress a favourite garden hedge. Continue reading to find more reasons to plant a Cupressocyparis Leylandii hedge –   Our top 10 reasons to plant a Leylandii hedge – 1. Although... Read More

blog FAQs 20/07/2015

Are your plants U.K grown?

At Best4hedging we pride ourselves on growing over 95% of our hedging plants within the U.K. All of our growing sites are managed by experienced nursery staff who nurture the plants until they’re ready for despatch. In order to provide the best hedge plants for our customers, we occasionally use specialist growers outside of the U.K. As with our local growing sites, we also thoroughly check the standards of non U.K sites to ensure they meet the high quality our customers have come to expect.  

blog FAQs 20/07/2015

If the ground is frozen, can I plant? If not, how do I store my plants during cold weather?

The hardy covering of frost can be quite deceiving. When a ground frost is present it is usually only the top couple of inches of ground that is hard and cold, beneath the ground should still be a safe environment for your plants’ root system. There may be some complications when planting bare roots and root balls during frosts due to the availability of this root type, it is inevitable that some orders will be delivered after a frost as the ground may become unsuitable for our nursery team to be... Read More

blog FAQs 20/07/2015

Do I need to prune my hedging plants on arrival?

It’s not unusual to be hesitant towards pruning your new hedging plants straight after planting, but you have no reason to be worried. It is a good idea to give your new hedge a light prune as this will encourage new growth in your hedge whilst also creating a uniformed shape from the start and will ensure all of your hedge plants grow at a similar rate. The only exception to this rule is Box hedging. Box should not be pruned straight after planting as the roots of Buxus plants require... Read More

shutterstock 18/07/2015

Discover the best hedges for both you and wildlife

Hedging is one of the most versatile touches you can add to your garden. It offers a handy way of creating privacy and is also the perfect haven for wildlife such as birds, insects and hedgehogs. With the summer in full swing, you can make sure your garden provides a great place for summer parties whilst acting as a home for nature simply by choosing your hedging wisely… Berry Hedging It’s easy to invite birds into your garden. Berry hedging entices all kinds of birds, from flocks of redwings to blackbirds,... Read More