July 2015

Herb ice cubes 17/07/2015

More summer BBQ recipes from the garden

If you tried any of our other BBQ recipes from the garden, then you’ll be keen to try some more. And, even if you haven’t, these are great to save for when you want to impress the neighbours with both your gardening and cooking skills. Main dishes Rosemary vegetable garden kebabs Ingredients: 8 large sprigs of Rosemary 2 small courgettes (approx. 230g) 24 cherry tomatoes 2 large slices crusty bread (approx. 50g) 2 tbsp olive oil salt & pepper to taste Preparation: – Remove the leaves from the bottom of... Read More

Escallonia flowers 13/07/2015

Sun, soil and secateurs – Hedging plants for full sun

One of the best things about summer is the huge amount of blossoms that greet you with a burst of colour when you step into the garden. And, if you’re lucky enough for your garden to be a suntrap, you’ll need to make sure the hedges and shrubs you choose can handle the sunlight exposure. By selecting hedging species that are suited to full sun, you will be rewarded with vibrant foliage colour and an abundance of blossoms. Hedge plants for sunny sites are often drought tolerant and are happy... Read More

Hedgehog in garden 12/07/2015

Hedges for hedgehogs: Reasons why your choice of fencing is so crucial for wildlife

The key is in the name when it comes to encouraging hedgehogs into your garden. Hedges are the ideal nesting spot for our prickly friends, providing the necessary shelter and comfort they need to thrive. As part of our #HedgesForHogs campaign, we invite you to reconsider the particulars of your fencing, so that you can welcome hedgehogs safely into your garden… Avoid creating barriers Traditional fencing may do the job for keeping out unwanted pests, but it also acts as a barrier to letting hedgehogs in. To encourage hedgehogs into... Read More

pulling weeds 10/07/2015

Summer gardening tips

There’s no denying that British summers are unpredictable, inconsistent and absolutely fantastic when the sun does decide to shine. But as much as we enjoy the warm weather, without the correct care, your garden may not. These summer gardening tips should help to keep your borders, lawns and hedges as happy as you in the sun.   If you notice your lawn beginning to look a little bit brown and bare, this could be due to the grass being cut too low. Often people think that mowing the lawn very... Read More

Picnic basket 08/07/2015

Get the kids in the garden this summer

Summer is a great time to get the kids in the garden and encourage them to take an interest in plants and nature. Warm weather always helps, so make the most of it by following our 10 easy ways to get kids outside: Get planting One of the best things about getting kids involved in planting is that it will create long term interest as they wait for the hedges, plants or shrubs to grow, and each season will give them something new to appreciate. Planting a wildlife friendly hedge... Read More

Walking on grass 06/07/2015

Creating a sensory garden

Being able to look and admire at all the colours and textures in a garden is just one way to enjoy what it has to offer but we want to help you create a garden that appeals to all the senses. By planting a combination of hedges and shrubs that offer elements to awaken the 5 senses, you can create a garden that not only provides a new experience with each plant you come across but is also a relaxing, tranquil escape from everyday life. Sound Planting a variety of... Read More

Hedgehog Competition 03/07/2015

Win a wildlife-friendly hedging bundle worth £45 in our July #HedgesForHogs competition

Following the success of our June #LoveLavender campaign and competition, we’ve put together a fantastic prize for our July giveaway, as well as focusing our campaign on a subject close to our hearts. The keen eyed amongst you may have spotted much in the press recently about our spikey friend the hedgehog, and in particular the species’ rapid decline. In response, our July campaign is focused on helping our hedgehogs – starting in the garden. Luckily we can all help save the hedgehog population from its plight. Even placing a... Read More