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Creating a Wildlife Friendly Feature – Customer Project

One of our customers and wildlife enthusiast was more than happy to share their latest gardening project with us. With our help, their aim was to create a diverse wildlife friendly feature to border an area of their garden that not only attracted wildlife but also looked great.

What better way to achieve this gardening goal than with our RSPB approved bird friendly hedging bundles. These bundles include a selection of wildlife friendly plants, chosen not only for their benefit to birds and other garden critters but their fantastic aesthetic when planted as a mixed feature. They provide plenty of flowers, fruits, colourful foliage and much more displayed on a densely structured hedge; the ideal habitat for a variety of garden wildlife as it offers a safe sanctuary with food and shelter in abundance.

We have three RSPB bundles available but for this project the Ultimate Bird Friendly Bundle was best suited. This pack includes a great selection ten different plant species to attract a wider range of garden wildlife, remember the higher the number of species included in a mixed feature the higher the level of biodiversity in your garden.

Like every hedge planting project, it’s vital that you prepare your planting area prior to your plants arrival and that’s exactly what our customer did. After removing all of the weeds from the area, they used their own home produced organic mulch to add nutrients to the soil.

The area was 7m long on either side of the gateway and was covered in mulch matting to protect the area from any harsh weather conditions until the plants arrived. At best4hedging, we allow our customers to organise a specific delivery date so you can have your plants delivered on a day of your preference. Just speak to our sales and service team when making your order.

Our RSPB packs are delivered bundled in boxes with their individual species labelled so it’s easier to identify if you want to plant in a certain order or grouping. This customer ordered our highly recommended planting essential Rootgrow, a completely natural product containing Mycrorrhizal fungi, essential to plant development and is ideal for young plants getting their best possible start to establishment. They also purchased bamboo canes to assist with the upright posture of the young plants as they develop and guards to prevent any damage caused by rabbits.

The bare roots where dipped in the Rootgrow solution made by mixing the granules with water. By doing this, you can directly apply this nutrient enhancing feed directly to the root system before putting the plants in the ground.

The plants were then spaced at 6 plants per metre in a double staggered row in order to establish a ticker hedge once fully established. After a deliberation on planting in a certain pattern or grouping, the bundle of plants were planted in a random formation as this would create a more naturalistic look similar to hedgerows seen in woodlands or nature parks.

Our customer had plants left over which they hoped for as they have a 4m run on the front of their property where they have planted a single row to cover gaps in an pre-existing hedge.

As you can see from the pictures, these plants are all deciduous and being bare root they are delivered during their dormant season, a time of leaves where leaves are scarce on these species. Our happy customer is going to share some pictures with us further down the year to show us how the plants have progressed.

If you have a planting project you want to share with us or need help deciding on what plants best suit your objective get in touch @best4hedging, our Facebook page.

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