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January Gardening Advice

Let’s face it, January isn’t everyone’s favourite month. With the festive period now behind us and the last of the chocolate being finished off, we generally use January as a  time to hibernate and stay away from the cold. But January is also the best time to be making plans and goals for the year ahead, so let’s get motivated and burn off them mince pies with some good old fashioned gardening. Start working in the garden now and it will thank you come Spring.

January is still a great time to plant your bare root hedging plants and trees, providing the ground is not frozen. If this is the case, store your bare roots in a cool, dry place, such as a shed or garage, ensuring you keep the roots moist.

When planting, if you are using a stake, always place this before the plant to avoid damaging the root system. It is safe to move established deciduous trees and shrubs now, as the roots will still be dormant – but again, check the ground is not frozen before doing this.

If we experience snow this month, proceed carefully when clearing it from bending branches or splayed shrubs. Brush the snow off gently so that delicate branches do not snap and your hedges are not forced apart by the weight. Remove any broken branches, check ties and stakes are still secure and replace any worn supports. If you have not yet done so, use straw, secured with fleece or ties, to cover the branches of your deciduous trees and shrubs – this will protect them from the cold weather and prevent frost damage. Inspect your trees for damage or disease. It’s much easier to spot dead branches and cankers when the branches are bare.

We have broke down our Top 10 jobs that need doing in January. Don’t worry we don’t expect you to get them all done, so pick the ones that suit your garden best!

We’d love to hear your own top tips for January gardening or see photos of your newly planted hedges and shrubs. You could even send us photos of any wildlife you’ve spotted enjoying your winter garden. Share to our Facebook page or tweet us @best4hedging
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