4 simple ways to save our Earth

Supporting our natural environment feels like a huge task. But, there are a few simple ways that we make a difference just in our gardens! Find out how you can fight air pollution and provide for wildlife below…

choose hedging!

By planting a hedge, you are supporting our Earth.

Hedges are amazing at absorbing air pollution! As hedging has a lower growth height than trees, hedges are often more effective at trapping toxins from vehicle exhaust pipes.

In March 2021, it was reported that 1 in 4 UK households are surrounded by air pollution that exceeds WHO safety limits. Research has shown that road pollution affects more or less every area of the UK.

Our leafy evergreen hedging shrubs are a great choice for absorbing noise and air pollution. View our full collection here.

plant a wildlife shelter

A hedge is a home for wildlife, including birds and hedgehogs.

Dense, evergreen foliage is the perfect shelter for birds to nest in and for hedgehogs to rest in. The foliage forms a protected and warm environment in which they can shelter from the cold in the winter and breed during spring and summer. Hedging with spiny foliage is a really great choice to protect nests from predators. View our full collection here.

plant a food source for wildlife

A hedge is also a fantastic food source for the birds, butterflies and bees!

In April 2021, The Woodland Trust released their 2021 report which has found that 1/3 of woodland wildlife species are in decline. So why not provide a welcome source of food in your garden!

Flowering hedging is a colourful source of nectar and pollen for the bees and butterflies. There are plenty of options too! View our full collection here.

Many of our wildlife friendly hedging plants flower in the spring/summer and produce winter berries for the birds to feed on. View our full collection here.

save water

Collect rain water – Simple!

The RHS have a wonderful guide on collecting, storing and re-using rainwater. There are so many ways to make the most of rainwater, even if you don’t have the space for a water butt.

We would love to see the wildlife that hedging has attracted to your garden! Make sure to send your pictures through to [email protected] or to tag us in on Facebook or Instagram.

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