5 Top Tips for Creating a Festival Themed Garden

If you’re feeling blue about missing out on festivals this summer, then why not re-create one from the comfort of your own home? In this post, David Boultbee, from outdoor lighting supplier Ultra LEDs, explains how you can bring that festival vibe into your garden.

With summer just around the corner, we’re approaching that time of year when there’d normally be a big music festival every other weekend. But with the outbreak forcing festival organisers to postpone their events until summer 2021, it looks as though music fans will have to wait until next year to get their festival fix.

So, if you’re sorry to be missing out, why not re-create the look and atmosphere of a festival in your garden? That way, you can kick back and enjoy your own personal Glasto all summer long. It’s surprisingly easy to do, and it’s a great way to keep yourself busy in lockdown. Here, I’ll share how to create a festival-themed garden in five easy steps.

1. Tidy up and sort any odd jobs

First up, you’ll want to get your garden looking its best before you add any new elements. So, give it a good tidy-up, and complete any of those niggling jobs you’ve been meaning to do, like cleaning the decking or repainting the shed. You’ll also want to cut the grass, remove any weeds, and trim back any plants and bushes that are looking a bit messy.

If you think your yard is looking bare, then you could even consider adding some evergreen topiary trees. Not only will this make your outside space look more polished in an instant but they’ll bring some colour to your garden long after the festival season is over, too. Picking up a few ready-made planters from the garden centre is another easy way to brighten up a bare garden.

2. Create a hardy shelter

Let’s face it: it wouldn’t be a British music festival without a rain shower (or several). So, to make your outside space usable in all weathers, you’ll want to add a spot of shelter. This way, you can carry on the fun even if it there’s an unexpected shower.

For an authentic festival experience, why not go for a tipi? These whimsical tents have become incredibly popular glamping options at events in recent years, and it’s easy to see why: they’re comfy, cosy, and look very bohemian and chic, too. Just add some cushions and a battery-powered lantern or some fairy lights, and you’ll have an inviting space to shelter from the occasional rain shower. On warm nights, you could even camp out in your tipi for the full festival experience.

3. Add lighting

The fun often lasts all night at a festival, and there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your garden after dark. Outdoor lighting is an essential part of creating that festival atmosphere, and it will mean you can stay out in your garden for longer, too. So, you’ll want to add a few different lighting options.

Festoon lights have become fashionable in recent years, and they have a very festive, summery vibe. Plus, they provide a good level of illumination, so they’re a good choice if you want something that will allow you to sit out after dark. Placing a few LED-powered lanterns and tealights around seating areas will also create a romantic, inviting glow.

4. Food and drink

The culinary scene at festivals has come a long way in recent years, and these days it’s not unusual to find just about every type of street food imaginable at an event. So, be sure to enjoy some al-fresco dining in your new festival-themed garden, whether that’s firing up the BBQ for some burgers, making some fresh pizza, or even cooking up a homemade kebab.

Of course, you’ll need something to wash all that tasty food down with. Having a few drinks in the sun is a big part of the festival experience for many people, so this is another element that you’ll definitely want to re-create at home. Set up a home bar in your garden, complete with an ice bucket or chiller to keep your drinks cool and save you from needing to run back and forth to the fridge. With a home bar, you won’t need to pay over the odds for a pint or queue for half an hour to get served, so it may just be even better than the real thing!

5. Create a festival playlist

Lastly, there’s one very important element that no self-respecting festival should be without: the music. Unless you happen to have a talented musician in the family, you’re unlikely to be able to have live music in your garden. However, you can re-create that festival atmosphere by creating the perfect soundtrack. If you were planning on attending a festival this year, why not make a playlist based on the line-up? Or, for a true live-music atmosphere, you could play live sets from earlier festivals.

The lockdown might have put a stop to this year’s festival season but, by making a few changes to your outside space, you can still live it up at your own personal Glasto this summer.

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