All About Pleached Trees

What is pleached hedging?

Aesthetically presenting a ‘hedge on stilts’, pleached hedging is the training and sculpting of trees to form a flat framework above a very clear stem. The branches are shaped and pruned to form a foliage shape that appears similar to the shape of a well-groomed hedge, adding huge impact within a garden.

Pleached hedging is not a new concept in the gardening world, it dates back to the time of Julius Caesar, used as a defensive barrier against cavalry. In modern days these trees have a more fashionable purpose, creating a beautiful focal point in garden architecture across Europe.

After an appearance in The Chelsea Flower Show, the last few years have witnessed ‘hedges on stilts’ making a comeback, with a rise in pleached hedging being utilised across the country for screening, to create tree tunnels and ‘ceilings’, to divide different areas of a garden and, as in the past, for aesthetic purposes.

What is the difference between pleaching and espalier?

Both pleaching and espalier are inventive methods of tree shaping, however, two very different techniques are used that involve distinctive processes to achieve the final design

Which style is best suited for my garden?

Pleached trees can be purchased in different forms, accounting for various budgets and time scales.

Fresh pleached trees are in the earlier stages of growth. These are therefore lower in cost and with the right time and care taken these young trees will develop into beautiful mature pleached trees.

If you don’t have the luxury of time, mature pleached trees are also readily available. These are fully developed and offer instant impact in your garden as soon as they are planted.

If you are looking for something a little more intricate and colourful, espalier is the tree style for you. The winding stems of beautiful flowering and fruit varieties is an instant eye catcher in any garden. Allowing enough room for espalier trees to grow is very important. In the long run these are a great space preserver, great for if your garden space is a little smaller.

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Pleached trees around Europe

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