Discover the best hedges for both you and wildlife

Hedging is one of the most versatile touches you can add to your garden. It offers a handy way of creating privacy and is also the perfect haven for wildlife such as birds, insects and hedgehogs. With the summer in full swing, you can make sure your garden provides a great place for summer parties whilst acting as a home for nature simply by choosing your hedging wisely…

Bird in hedging

Berry Hedging

It’s easy to invite birds into your garden. Berry hedging entices all kinds of birds, from flocks of redwings to blackbirds, with the bright berries providing the perfect food source throughout the year. Not only will hedging like Red Firethorn, Late Cotoneaster, and Hawthorn Hedge Plants bring the harmony of birdsong to your outdoor space, the red berry hedges add a glow of colour and create a great wall of privacy too.

Bees in the garden

Flowering Hedging

Flowering hedging attracts bumblebees and other insects due to the colourful blossoms and sweet scents. The creamy flowers and dark berries of Lonicera make it a notable hedge for both insects and birds, welcoming quite the buzz of wildlife into your garden. Lonicera plants can grow quite tall too, offering shade from neighbouring houses or streets. Other abundant flowering hedging includes Osmanthus Burkwoodii Hedging and Mexican Orange Blossom Hedging.

Hedgehog in the garden

Fast Growing Hedges

Wildlife isn’t just attracted into your garden for food. Hedgehogs love to bury at the base of hedges, building shelter among dry grass and leaf litter in the summer and winter months. Fast growing hedges such as Oleaster and Cherry Laurel Hedge Plants offer the ideal nesting spaces and dense cover for our prickly friends. They create a tall barrier wall too, letting you screen off parts of the garden. To make sure hedgehogs can find their way into your garden leave small gaps at the base of the hedging.

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