Best4hedging’s review of the 2016 State of Nature Report

This week, the State of Nature partnership released their 2016 State of Nature report which brings information from over 50 organisations collecting data from over 7,500,000 volunteers to help record & monitor how wildlife is faring across the UK. Data was collected for over 9,670 species with a fantastic contribution and help from numerous wildlife loving volunteers.

Unfortunately nature is in trouble, and more so than originally thought! Identifying 8,000 species which are of highest conservation concern, research showed that 15% are extinct or threatened with extinction from the UK, which out of 219 countries is ranked 189 meaning that nature is faring worse in the UK thank in other countries.

What happened in the UK?

Well, a shocking 56% of UK species are in decline with the once popular hedgehogs and turtle doves being most affected. Did you know that a poll showed that nearly four in ten children have never seen a hedgehog in the wild! In addition, the State of Nature Report states that 165 species are considered critically endangered in Great Britain.


What’s causing this devastating decline?

There are a number of factors that affect the state of nature in the UK,  the main contributors are climate change, habitat loss and agriculture. 20% of all impact on species populations was down to intensive management of agricultural land and since 75% of the UK is managed for food production, how we manage this land in correlation to conservation is key to the State of Nature.

What can we do to help?

“The future of UK nature is under threat and we must work together; Governments, conservationists, businesses and individuals to help”. David Attenborough

At best4hedging, we are proud of the fact we supply hedging plants that provide shelter, produce food and act as a social nesting ground for countless species of UK garden birds. Our RSPB hedging packs not only help with the conservation of the bird population but the diversity provided by hedge units supports many other different wildlife species including insects, hedgehogs and various other small garden animals. These RSPB hedging bundles are jam-packed with species that will fill your garden with seasonal interest; colourful flowers in summer, vibrant foliage in autumn and bright berries in winter all whilst contributing to the protection of local wildlife species.

RSPB all packs

There are plenty of organisations out there who are dedicated to the conservation of wildlife who need your help:

Hedgehog Street

People trust for endangered species

British trust for Ornithology

Plant Life


The Wildlife Trusts

National Biodiversity Network

Hedgehog Street

People trust for endangered species

Become a wildlife friendly gardener

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You can also enter our #best4birdcompetition to win a new RSPB easy clean feeder seeder. To enter, send in a picture of a bird in your garden or send in a picture to our twitter or Facebook page with the #best4birdcompetition.

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