Hedging Advice


Creating a Pet Friendly Garden

Designing a garden comes with many factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right plants; soil type, environmental conditions, positioning are just to name a few, but one factor which can easily be ignored is the impact your plant choice can have on your pets. We all love and adore our pets, from the over energetic dog, to the lazy, Garfield like cat, and they hold a special place in our hearts, our homes and our gardens. Therefore, we want to be certain that our gardens... Read More


Create tantalising cocktails using ingredients from your garden

The sun finally seems to be peeping out from behind the clouds, which can only mean one thing… long summer days spent outside in the garden. And what better way to enjoy the sunny weather than by mixing up your own cocktail concoction using ingredients grown yourself? These three simple recipes will keep you refreshed throughout the springtime and summer. Lavender Lemonade  Easy to grow and with a beautiful aroma, Lavender is full of goodness. If you’re tired of your average lemonade recipe, this is a great recipe to try,... Read More

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All About Instant Hedging

What Is Instant Hedging? Instant hedging is the ultimate way to achieve show garden standards without the wait. If you’re planning to make the most of the warm weather with garden parties and days spent lounging on the lawn, instant hedging can create an established hedge quickly, offering privacy, colour and texture. Instant hedging is grown in a metre long trough and is regularly pruned to give you a solid hedging unit that has already knitted together, both foliage and roots, providing a healthy hedge with a high success rate. Instant hedging... Read More


April Gardening Advice 2019

Now that the clocks have changed and we’re ‘springing forward’ towards better weather (hopefully), you’ll finally start to see your hard work from the winter months appearing as bright foliage and striking blossoms in your garden.  But it’s not time to sit back and enjoy it just yet, there’s plenty of jobs to do this month and here’s our pick of the most important: Planting and pruning You can still buy and plant bare root and rootball hedging and we have started our cold storage technique, for more information on this... Read More


Cold Storage- Air conditioning for bare roots!

It seems the warmer weather has graced us with it’s presence early this year, this certainly is every gardeners dream and we hope it continues over the weekend so we can all get out there and work on our gardens, or even just to sit back and enjoy a nice spring barbecue! “But with these warmer temperatures, we won’t be able to plant bare roots!”, we hear you cry, well fear not! Our bare roots are staying out of the heat and currently enjoying arctic conditions of below -3C. They... Read More


The best time to plant a hedge

The million dollar question! But the answer is that there is no one best time to plant a hedge as it all depends on what it is your planting… We’re going to keep it simple for you.   And that’s all there is to it! We always recommend to plant your hedging (whatever root type it may be) with Rootgrow and Bonemeal. Rootgrow will improve: disease and drought resistance, soil condition, fruit and flower production and the shock caused by transplanting – planting with Rootgrow will result in triple the growth rate compared to none... Read More


Gardening Scams And How To Avoid Them

Sadly, gardening scams are alarmingly easy to pull off; a survey conducted by Which? members in 2015 found that 37% hadn’t checked if the tree surgeon they hired was properly insured or qualified. Rogue traders are able to operate at next to no cost and with zero qualifications so it’s vital that you call in a reputable firm if you want work done in your garden. Cowboy gardeners are nothing new; they may rock up at your front door promising a fabulous garden transformation, but end up leaving the space looking far... Read More


Keeping Those Hedges Trim Next To Artificial Turf

Keeping Those Hedges Trim Next To Artificial Turf Artificial grass is trending upwards quickly with a reported 200% year-on-year increase in sales reported in the UK. Some companies are installing as many as 5,000 lawns per year. With a perfect, maintenance free lawn, you’ll now have plenty of time to make those hedges perfect, but it’s important to pick the right hedge to bolster the overall aesthetics. Taking care of it properly is important in making it match your artificial turf. Artificial grass saves you time and money Keeping up a... Read More


Successfully Pruning Your Garden With A Chainsaw

A well-pruned garden is a sight to behold — and it’s an achievement requiring ample foresight, work, and skill. Of course, you can choose to do the job by hand with shears, but using a chainsaw is a much more efficient method in some cases. When pruning your garden with a chainsaw, you need to first take correct safety precautions to avoid injuring yourself — not to mention your greenery! Moreover, learning about standard trimming techniques for shrubs, trees, and hedges plays a huge role in creating a smooth, attractive finish and maintaining the... Read More


February Gardening Advice

So, now January is done with (phew!) we can now start to look ahead and look forward to Spring. Making now the perfect time to start pruning and planting, you’ll thank us later. Planting conditions are finally starting to improve so now is the perfect time to plant bare root and root ball hedging plants, shrubs and trees- take a look at our video for advice on how to plant a bare root hedge. Read our top 5 hedging jobs to be done this month below:     General Maintenance... Read More