Seasonal Gardening

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RSPB Approved Bird Friendly Hedge Packs

Autumn is a time of change, a change of temperature as the months turn cooler leaving summer behind, a change of colour with the falling leaves leaving our streets covered in blanket of golden browns. We say goodbye to birds who leave for migration and hello to those who are looking for food for the upcoming months. This is the perfect time be thinking about the wintering bird species that need our help.  The RSPB are now the largest nature conservation charity in the country, founded in 1889, they continue to grow with... Read More


The Benefits Of Gardening For The Elderly

The Benefits of Gardening for the Elderly Gardening is a popular activity across the UK and the across the globe. It can be beneficial to people’s health, for the elderly in particular, as it can strengthen muscles and joints, improve relaxation and enhance well being, to name a few. In fact,there are many benefits that older people can get from activities such as re-potting plants, planting vegetables and populating greenhouses. As dementia care specialists Helping Hands state, gardening “enables someone to get some air and sunshine while still staying in... Read More


Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space With Instant Hedging

Summer is the perfect time to get out in the garden and enjoy the weather. There’s no need to stay cooped up in the house when you can still enjoy all of your home comforts, just with the sun over your head. With so many quirky ways to bring nature indoors, we have a few ideas on how to use instant hedging to bring the indoors outdoors instead. Designs and Styles Block out unwanted views When entertaining guests in the garden, the last thing you want is an unsightly view.... Read More


Get into Gardening to Improve Your Health in 2019

Many people love their gardens and enjoy spending time in them. It might be the fresh air, or the smell of the flowers. It could be the feeling of achievement after having tidied, pruned and having made the outside space look beautiful. But did you know that gardening is actually good for your health,and could be the ideal way to improve your health overall? Here are some reasons why: Lower Blood Pressure When you’re out in the garden making things look lovely, your blood pressure will reduce. That’s because you’re... Read More


Harvesting Rainwater

The Advantages of Harvesting Rainwater We all know the biggest advantages of harvesting rainwater, such as saving on water bills and helping to protect the environment, yada yada, so this article covers some of the lesser-known and more unique advantages to rainwater harvesting. In other words, this article doesn’t match the first 10 you just read on Google! If you want to invest in harvesting water for indoor use, and you are prepared to make the investment, then you will save money on water bills, but if you want to... Read More


Preparing Your Garden For Spring

As the winter weather starts to subside, it is time to get your garden ready for the start of he new season. Spring is the best time of year to get your garden ready for the summer months, and garden specialists have put together some handy tips to help you get the most out of your garden this spring. General Garden Maintenance General garden maintenance is one of the first tasks you should tackle during the spring; this includes tidying up, weeding and cleaning. During the winter months debris such... Read More


Cold Storage- Air conditioning for bare roots!

It seems the warmer weather has graced us with it’s presence early this year, this certainly is every gardeners dream and we hope it continues over the weekend so we can all get out there and work on our gardens, or even just to sit back and enjoy a nice spring barbecue! “But with these warmer temperatures, we won’t be able to plant bare roots!”, we hear you cry, well fear not! Our bare roots are staying out of the heat and currently enjoying arctic conditions of below -3C. They... Read More


Delivery Dates Over Christmas

Please see our delivery dates for the Christmas period below… The last chance to order Root Balls is 10am Thursday 13th December – delivery for Wednesday 19th December.   First delivery for Root Balls in the New Year is Thursday 10th January. Any orders placed after 10am Thursday 13th December will then be delivered for Thursday 10th January 2019. Our first delivery for pots and bare roots in the New Year is Thursday 3rd January (subject to stock availability) Our sales and service opening hours are as follows:  Close for Christmas 21st December 5:30pm.Open 27th... Read More


Can You Really Entertain Outdoors All Year Round?

Having enjoyed (or perhaps endured) the joint hottest summer on record for the UK, is it possible to prolong those hazy days of entertaining friends and family in the garden?  Or as autumn approaches, is it time to batten down the hatches and swap flip-flops for wellies and ice cold drinks for steaming soup? The answer may surprise you. With a little planning and creativity, you can happily use your garden for entertaining all year round; from using hedge screens to create zones to bringing out a few gadgets to... Read More


Summer Lawn Care

Whilst we are all enjoying the long, hot, sunny days, this time of year is particularly harsh on your lawns. We all enjoy a Sunny afternoon snooze on the lawn or a picnic on a Saturday lunchtime with the kids, so what can you do to keep your lawn looking and feeling its best? The most important thing we can do is give it a much-deserved drink. Water at times when the moisture is likely to soak in rather than evaporate, early morning or late evening is the best and water when the... Read More