Seasonal Gardening


Creating a Spring ready garden

This week brought us the first day of Spring and how relieved we all are! The promise of longer evenings and lighter mornings is now finally here and most importantly we can start getting out into the gardens, that most of us have regrettably deserted, but who can blame us when we are having snow in March! Eagle eyed spring enthusiasts will be eager to see what birds the new season will bring. The songs of the nations feathered friends become significantly more frequent as the longer days and better... Read More


Grow Your Own Christmas Tree

How many times have you heard the phrase “it’s too early to put Christmas decorations up” this year? 10? 20?…100? Well, I think now it’s completely acceptable to cover your house from head to toe in sparkling lights, hang festive wreaths from your front door and decorate your Christmas tree. I spent this weekend trying to remain calm as I untangled the Christmas tree lights whilst routing through endless boxes trying to find the remainder of tree ornaments. I always choose a real tree for my house as I love... Read More


Why Plant Deciduous Plants in Autumn

Autumn is nature’s planting time and if you’re considering planting a deciduous tree or shrub in your garden, then NOW is the best time to get them in the ground. It might be too cold for us to leave the house without a hat and scarf, but for deciduous plants the temperature is perfect. It allows for healthy roots & efficient establishment. Deciduous plants planted in autumn have the best chance of fully establishing as they will develop new and healthy roots this time of year. Roots grow best in... Read More


Lifting Bare Roots

Plants are now dormant which means (drum roll please) it’s bare root season! These plants offer a cost effective solution to create your desired hedge. We often suggest this root type to those wanting to plants a large amount of plants within a budget. Our other blog “what are the benefits of planting a bare root hedge?” explains why we can offer these plants at such a low cost. In this blog we take you behind the scenes and show you the process of how we extract our bare roots... Read More


November Gardening Advice

November is here and we are closing in on Christmas, yes you read that correctly…CHRISTMAS! But before you start racing to the shops searching for wrapping paper and the biggest turkey, turn your attention to the garden as there is plenty of important things to do this month. Plants Bare Roots are available this month! Order your cost effective hedge plants and use Rootgrow and Bonemeal to ensure your plants get their best possible start to establishment. Root Balls and Pleached trees are also available. These plants are brilliant for... Read More


Why choose hedges with berries?

Autumn is here and with it comes fungi, fruit and the rusty foliage which makes this season so favourable for us gardeners. We love autumn because the combination of the summer warmth and autumnal damp offers a sustainable environment for mushrooms to develop, deciduous trees start their leaf transformation, animal behaviour begins to change and a number of plants are covered with colourful berries. Take Pyracantha for example, by the end of September the orange, yellow and red berries are in full force. They make a dramatic garden feature as... Read More


Hedging for autumn colour

Hedge plants with autumn foliage are the perfect way to bring that fiery British landscape and warm seasonal atmosphere to your garden. Autumn brings a dramatic change in that a verity of species see their leaves turn from bright shades of green to blazing shades of orange and red. This phenomenon is a true spectacle and introducing autumnal plants to your garden allows you to watch the transformation and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Best4hedging offer a range of plants with autumn foliage. Best of all, these species are available as... Read More

Viburnum hedging 04/04/2016

Signs of spring on the nursery

After the warmest winter ever recorded in history had its effect on numerous plant species, the nursery is finally starting to show signs of spring… Darwins Barberry Hedge Plants | Berberis Darwinii Hedging Evergreen, prickly foliage and bright orange flowers that appear in early spring. Flowering Currant Hedge Plants | Ribes Sanguineum Hedging A fragrant shrub with clusters of bright-pink flowers that are popular with bees. Forsythia Hedge Plants | Forsythia Lynwood Gold Hedging Vibrant flowers and attractive green leaves that are great for brightening up any garden. Lavender Hedge Plants | Lavandula Hedging... Read More

Bee friendly garden 29/03/2016

Spring is here

We returned into the office after the Easter break this morning, through snow, loads of snow. Practically a blizzard. The sort of scene that wouldn’t be out of place in an Oscar winning Leonardo DiCaprio film. A dramatic contrast to when we left the office on Friday in T-shirts and sunglasses, happy that spring had finally sprung. We officially passed the first day of spring 2016 on Sunday March 20th. It was a beautiful weekend and there was a sense that shorts and summer dresses weren’t too far away. As... Read More


When to harvest your hedgerow fruit

Edible hedges not only make a great garden feature with their spectrum of summer flowers and autumn foliage, but the fruits they produce make a tasty seasonal treat that cannot be rivaled for freshness. Being able to pick and eat berries and nuts straight from your hedging is one of the simplest pleasures of being a gardener, and sharing them with visiting wildlife is wonderfully rewarding. While most edible hedges produce their fruits between late summer and early winter, there are some exceptions, so we’ve put together this harvesting calendar so you never... Read More