Trick or Treat Competition

Our latest competition allows you garden enthusiasts to take part in a horticulture Halloween. You don’t have to dress up as something scary and go knocking door to door for this prize, simply enter the relevant information and see if you receive a trick or treat. How do I enter? Follow to link and insert your name and email address: When can I enter?  Entries are open now and close on Halloween (31st of October) at 8pm. What happens next? An email will be sent to the address you give... Read More


#best4birdcompetition in pictures

We had some fantastic entries in our latest photo competition. The winner would receive an brand new RSPB seeder feeder to hang for our feathered friends in your garden. It was a very tough decision but the winner is (drum role please)… This perfectly timed photo of a redwing posing with its mouth full of berries Caption: Red wing with a sense of humour. We asked for some pictures of birds in your garden and you guys certainly delivered. Here are all of the entries.. Caption: Quick while she’s not... Read More


Best4hedging’s review of the 2016 State of Nature Report

This week, the State of Nature partnership released their 2016 State of Nature report which brings information from over 50 organisations collecting data from over 7,500,000 volunteers to help record & monitor how wildlife is faring across the UK. Data was collected for over 9,670 species with a fantastic contribution and help from numerous wildlife loving volunteers. Unfortunately nature is in trouble, and more so than originally thought! Identifying 8,000 species which are of highest conservation concern, research showed that 15% are extinct or threatened with extinction from the UK,... Read More

hedgehog 28/04/2016

Hedgehog Awareness Week

Not so long ago I was reading an article and stumbled upon a statement which really took me by surprise. I read it again and again as I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It said, “Hedgehogs are as rare as tigers”. Sounds drastic right? Well if you consider the declining numbers of hedgehogs’ year upon year, the analogies such as the one I mentioned are not that extreme, as in fact, hedgehogs are disappearing from our countryside as fast as tigers and other endangered species are worldwide. Hedgehogs are... Read More


#LoveBirds Competition

Here at best4hedging we adore birds! Hence why we sell an abundance of bird friendly hedging plants and have a great relationship with the RSPB who approve our bird friendly bundles. Many of us will be recovering from the weekend with the amount of Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies of which we surprise ourselves every year with how many we can actually eat, in addition to staying inside watching the strong winds and vicious gales that came with Storm Katie. Due to it being Easter and the number of birds... Read More

rspb ultimate bird friendly plants competition 08/10/2015

WIN Bird Friendly Hedging Bundles in our RSPB #HomesForNature Competition

At Best4hedging, we are proud of the fact we supply hedging plants that provide shelter, produce food and act as a social nesting ground for countless species of birds. Because of this we’ve teamed up with the RSPB to bring you wildlife friendly hedging packs and to celebrate, we’re giving away 3 x RSPB approved Ultimate Bird Friendly Bundles. This competition is in correspondence with the RSPB ‘Giving Nature A Home’ campaign and gives you the opportunity to win a variety of native plants that will attract the much loved birds that are returning visitors to... Read More


#HedgesForHogs Wildlife Photo Competition

We had a fantastic response to our August competition in which we asked all amateur gardeners to share with us photos of the wildlife in their garden. We wanted to showcase all the wonderful entries we had – from foxes to frogs and hedgehogs to honey bees, it’s clear to see how important our gardens are for wildlife! 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize Keep your wildlife photos coming! You can either post them on our Facebook page or tweet @best4hedging.

Hedgehog Competition 03/07/2015

Win a wildlife-friendly hedging bundle worth £45 in our July #HedgesForHogs competition

Following the success of our June #LoveLavender campaign and competition, we’ve put together a fantastic prize for our July giveaway, as well as focusing our campaign on a subject close to our hearts. The keen eyed amongst you may have spotted much in the press recently about our spikey friend the hedgehog, and in particular the species’ rapid decline. In response, our July campaign is focused on helping our hedgehogs – starting in the garden. Luckily we can all help save the hedgehog population from its plight. Even placing a... Read More