#HedgesForHogs Wildlife Photo Competition

We had a fantastic response to our August competition in which we asked all amateur gardeners to share with us photos of the wildlife in their garden. We wanted to showcase all the wonderful entries we had – from foxes to frogs and hedgehogs to honey bees, it’s clear to see how important our gardens are for wildlife! 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize Keep your wildlife photos coming! You can either post them on our Facebook page or tweet @best4hedging.

Hedgehog Competition 03/07/2015

Win a wildlife-friendly hedging bundle worth £45 in our July #HedgesForHogs competition

Following the success of our June #LoveLavender campaign and competition, we’ve put together a fantastic prize for our July giveaway, as well as focusing our campaign on a subject close to our hearts. The keen eyed amongst you may have spotted much in the press recently about our spikey friend the hedgehog, and in particular the species’ rapid decline. In response, our July campaign is focused on helping our hedgehogs – starting in the garden. Luckily we can all help save the hedgehog population from its plight. Even placing a... Read More


#HedgingHeroes Competition – Update

We just wanted to give you an update from our #HedgingHeroes competition. We’ve received photos from several of the very happy winners showing their prize planted in its new home – Corfe Village, Somerset  Corfe Village celebrated their win with a planting party and their hedging is looking fantastic! Dearne alc School, Rotherham The pupils haven’t had chance to plant their prize yet as they’re currently busy drawing up planting plans to create a horseshoe shape for an outside learning space. I’m sure we’ll see photos shortly. Community Wildlife Garden,... Read More


Win a selection of Lavender pots in our June #LoveLavender competition

If you’ve been following our blog or social media channels over the last couple of months you might recognise our #LoveLavender hashtag campaign, which we started back in April. As we come into flowering season for the vibrant plant, and due to the popularity of our Facebook competition, we’re returning to the topic for our June campaign. We were inundated with entries to our Love Lavender competition, and wanted to give fans of the fragrant flower another chance to win a pot for their own garden. At the end of... Read More


Competition: Win hedging worth more than £3,000 for your school or community project

With the summer fast approaching, there’s no better time to get out into the garden and to introduce children to nature. And one of the best ways to involve them in the garden is to plant trees and hedges that are beneficial to wildlife and easy to care for. Best4hedging is giving away more than £3,000 of hedging, offering schools, community groups, local allotments and charities the chance to win one of six hedging packs for their gardening project. All that entrants need to do is send a note to... Read More


Win a selection of instant topiary in our May #InstantGarden competition

Party season is almost upon us, which means barbeques, lounging in the sun and of course plenty of gardening. But is your garden summer ready? If not, don’t worry. You can transform your outdoor space in a flash with instant hedging and ready-made topiary. Although gardening is very rewarding, sometimes we need a helping hand to make changes quick sharp. You might want to section off a corner of your garden to create some privacy, or perhaps you want to cover up a tired looking fence for your summer festivities.... Read More


Win four large Lavender pots in our April #LoveLavender competition

As we bid farewell to winter and embrace the sunshine of spring, there’s one plant at the forefront of our minds. In celebration of spring being just about in full swing, we’re launching the #LoveLavender campaign for April. Lavender, or Lavandula, is one of the nation’s favourite flowers – and it’s easy to see why. Easy to grow, evergreen and beautifully scented, Lavender thrives under the summer sun. It’s best planted in April and May, which makes it the perfect plant for the focus of this month’s campaign. Over the... Read More


Win a set of topiary trimmers and a £25 voucher in our March competition

Gardening trends are shaping up to be wonderfully exciting this year as we celebrate the whimsical world of topiary. The ancient artform of pruning hedging and plants into unique shapes is positively flourishing, with topiary growing in popularity as more people aim to copy the glorious gardens of stately homes and pay homage to horticultural heritage by creating their own, stand-out, home-grown focal points in their garden spaces. Statues, ornaments and objects have been ousted by our desire not just for a sculpture but a living one. One which you... Read More


Win a plant bundle worth £100 for you and a neighbour

February is a month of roses, Valentine’s and hearts…but sometimes there’s no love lost between neighbours. Looming Leylandii, high hedging or out of control boundary bushes can all cause disputes with next door. So as we approach 14th Feb, we’re launching a #lovethyneighbour campaign to help you ensure your nearest can also be your dearest. According to Citizen’s Advice, boundaries, hedge, shared walls, overhanging trees and roots are amongst the most common triggers for neighbourly problems. Over the next few weeks we’ll cover these most common causes of friction over... Read More


Wildlife Gardening Competition

Our latest competition has arrived! This time we want to know your best half-time gardening tips for the World Cup. What do you get up to during the 15 minute break? Do you try and relax by watering your borders or tackle the weeds for some stress relief?     Head to our Facebook page to enter. Tell us your half-time gardening tip and LIKE our page to win! Good Luck!