Are your plants U.K grown?

At Best4hedging we pride ourselves on growing over 95% of our hedging plants within the U.K. All of our growing sites are managed by experienced nursery staff who nurture the plants until they’re ready for despatch. In order to provide the best hedge plants for our customers, we occasionally use specialist growers outside of the U.K. As with our local growing sites, we also thoroughly check the standards of non U.K sites to ensure they meet the high quality our customers have come to expect.  


If the ground is frozen, can I plant? If not, how do I store my plants during cold weather?

The hardy covering of frost can be quite deceiving. When a ground frost is present it is usually only the top couple of inches of ground that is hard and cold, beneath the ground should still be a safe environment for your plants’ root system. There may be some complications when planting bare roots and root balls during frosts due to the availability of this root type, it is inevitable that some orders will be delivered after a frost as the ground may become unsuitable for our nursery team to be... Read More


Do I need to prune my hedging plants on arrival?

It’s not unusual to be hesitant towards pruning your new hedging plants straight after planting, but you have no reason to be worried. It is a good idea to give your new hedge a light prune as this will encourage new growth in your hedge whilst also creating a uniformed shape from the start and will ensure all of your hedge plants grow at a similar rate. The only exception to this rule is Box hedging. Box should not be pruned straight after planting as the roots of Buxus plants require... Read More


Can you supply larger plants than those on your website?

At Best4hedging we offer a huge variety of hedging plants in a great choice of sizes to accommodate most customer needs; however we understand that occasionally a project requires something outside of our usual size range. Due to our excellent industry contacts and years of experience sourcing high quality plants, including large hedging plants, we can always find exactly what you need. Simply call our sales team on 01257 261243 or email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!


What is your best price?

At Best4hedging we pride ourselves on maintaining low, competitive prices. We are always happy to provide bespoke quotes to trade customers and can offer discounts on orders of as little as £400. We have a great rapport with our loyal landscape and trade customers and are always keen to establish new business relationships, so we encourage you to get on board! To discuss your personal quote, contact our Sales team on 01257 261 243 or email us at [email protected] Please let us know that you’re a trade customer and we... Read More


What should I do with my plants upon arrival?

At Best4hedging we emphasise the fact that our hedging plants are living things and require water, light and fresh air to survive. This being said, we understand that it is not always possible to plant straight away. Therefore, there are certain short term measures that can be taken to ensure your plants receive the care they need until you’re ready to plant. Bare root hedge plants – If you will be planting within a few days from delivery it is best to remove your hedge plants from the box or pallet... Read More


When to plant hedging plants?

At Best4hedging we have a huge choice of different species and root types. Our vast range includes hedging plants that can be planted year round as well as hedge plants that can only be planted during the dormant season – Autumn to Spring. The main benefit of pot grown and cell grown hedging plants is that they can be purchased and planted year round so you do not need to worry about what time of year it is. For an easy to follow demonstration of how to plant a pot grown... Read More


Can you send me a photograph of the stock before I place my order?

Here at Best4hedging, we have an extensive photography catalogue which we aim to keep as up to date as possible. To preview an example of the stock you’ll be receiving, click on the thumbnail image in the table which corresponds to the plant size you wish to order. We do stress that each and every batch of plants differ depending on season, therefore our images are to be used as a guide. If the image you require is unavailable, or you need further help, please email us at [email protected] or call... Read More


Why are some plants only available during winter?

At Best4hedging we have a great variety of hedging plants in a choice of sizes and root types. Pot grown and cell grown hedge plants are available year round, whereas bare root and root ball hedge plants are only available from November to April depending on the weather. The bare root season can be extended until mid/late May for some hedging species through the use of cold storage. Bare root and root ball plants are grown in a field and can only be lifted when they are dormant, as this process... Read More


Do you offer next day delivery?

We offer next day delivery on the vast majority of our stock, please contact our Sales team to organise this on 01257 261 243 or email [email protected] It is possible to arrange a more specific delivery, including AM and Saturday options. For large orders, delivery is normally free of charge and our Sales and Service team will be happy to discuss delivery costs upon placing your order.