Hedging Features


What are Root Balls?

Although there are a variety of different root types to choose from when purchasing hedging plants, some people, especially those who may be new to the garden, can find it hard to understand the differences. This blog is here to explain everything you need to know about root ball plants. If it was information regarding bare root plants that you were looking for instead, click here. So, let’s begin with what Root ball hedging plants actually are. These plants are field grown over a prolonged period of time (anything from 1 to 14 years!) before... Read More


Getting kids wild about your garden

For children, a garden isn’t always a place of rest and relaxation – it’s a tactile treasure trove for the senses that’s just waiting to be explored. And this month’s Big Garden Bird Watch by the RSPB is an ideal opportunity to encourage your kids to get outside, get active and discover the secret wildlife world that’s been waiting just outside their window. All you have to do is pick an hour over the weekend of 24 and 25 January, and count how many birds you see, and what species... Read More


High Hedges vs Short Shrubs

It’s a battle many gardeners face at some point in their planting career, and the decision can be influenced by a variety of factors. So, it all comes down to this – What size plants should you choose when establishing a new hedge? Before we begin, we need to determine what is considered to be a tall plant and what is meant by a small plant. A tall plant is categorised at 1.5 metres and over, whereas small plants are less than 1.2 metres. Although the difference between the two does... Read More


Wild Cherry Brandy Recipe

This makes a great festive drink- perfect for an after-dinner tipple, and by preparing the recipe now, you’ll have a bottle of wild cherry brandy just in time for Christmas.   Recipe makes about 850ml Ingredients: 500g wild (sour) cherries, with or without their stems 300g granulated sugar About 300ml brandy Method: 1. Begin by sterilising your wide-mouthed bottling jars (this is a glass bottle with a well-fitting screw-top or swing-top lid). It is up to you whether to make one big blend or split up your mixture into several... Read More


Choosing the right type of Hedge

There are numerous hedge types to choose from on our website but it’s important to consider what features you want your new hedge to bring to your garden. Are you looking for types of hedging that will provide year-round screening? Or maybe a hedge that can withstand the strong winds experienced in a coastal position? This blog is here to help you understand the different types of hedges available and their individual qualities. Instant hedging This type of hedging offers all the same qualities as other root types; just with... Read More


Hedgerows and Wildlife

The hedgerow is nature’s shop window, where seasonal goods are artfully displayed. In spring and summer it is hung with flowers, heavy with perfume and alive with insects and birds. In autumn it is a palette of yellow, orange, red and silver-grey, studded with fruit, exotic seed heads, cobwebs strung with beads of dew and butterflies basking in the last of the sun. In winter it is transformed: dark tangles of branches peppered with buds are silhouetted against the sky while, in lurid contrast, vulgar green shoots poke through the... Read More


The different uses of Hedging Plants

Whilst hedging can be used purely for ornamental purposes, the 3 main uses for hedges are for barriers, boundaries and screens. Hedge barriers are used across Britain’s farmlands to control livestock and also to act as a deterrent to other animals that may intrude and damage gardens. These types of barriers have been used throughout history, as early as Julius Caesar; he was the first recorded person to use hedging as a military barrier. Red Barberry / Red Berberis is a fantastic hedging plant to use as a barrier due... Read More


Hedging plants for shade

It’s quite obvious that with summers like ours; unpredictable and grey skies more often than blue, it’s not always easy to find a sunny spot in your garden for your hedging. Although we can’t control the weather, what we can do is offer you some shade loving shrubs…   Semi-shade Cherry Laurel hedging (Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia) Cherry Laurel is not only one of our most popular hedging plants, but it’s also one of our top plants for shade. It’s an evergreen hedge with large, polished leaves that offer a solid... Read More


Rowan Jelly Recipe

This rowan jelly provides a sharp and slightly bitter flavour, perfect to serve with lamb or game.   Recipe makes 3-4 large jars Ingredients: 1kg rowan berries 1kg crab apples Approx. 1kg granulated sugar 1.2 litres of water Juice of 1 lemon   Method: 1.  Place a jelly bag or line cheesecloth in a sizeable sieve and place over a large bowl. 2.  Chop your crab apples into small chunks (this does not have to be done neatly), then wash with your rowan berries, before adding all the fruit into... Read More


Rose Petal Jam Recipe

This jam makes a wonderful treat on your morning toast, is a great alternative to sugar when mixed with your porridge and can be used for an unusual, tasty cake filling.   Recipe makes 3 large jars Ingredients: 1.5 litres wild rose petals (lightly pressed in the measuring jug) 1kg granulated sugar 3 lemons 850ml water Few drops of rosewater (optional)     Method: 1. Start by rinsing and drying the rose petals to make sure any dirt is washed away. Place the rose petals into a large bowl and... Read More