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Besthedging joins the RSPB 13/12/2015

Best4hedging Joins The RSPB

We are more than happy to announce our newly established relationship with the RSPB who are widely known for their high profile projects; maintaining nature reserves and campaigning to preserve wildlife in need. The charity is also keen to increase awareness of garden activities that give nature a home with their #HomesforNature campaign. Over 1 million members and 15 million annual web visitors a year make the RSPB the largest wildlife conservation charity in Europe, and we’re delighted that they chose Best4hedging to join them in their mission for wildlife. Wildlife... Read More

Hawthorn hedging 15/09/2015

Hawthorn and Blackthorn – The ultimate hedging for wildlife?

Whether you want to attract hedgehogs, honey bees, birds or butterflies to your garden, Hawthorn hedging and Blackthorn hedging are two species that offer endless wildlife value in the form of food, habitats and nesting sites. Both of these wildlife friendly hedge plants create a natural aesthetic and are very low maintenance; an annual prune is all it takes to keep them looking good. If you do want to create a more formal shaped hedge, you can use alternate pruning to give a neat finish whilst maintaining the wildlife benefits;... Read More

Dormouse in a tree 25/07/2015

Our pick of the best edible hedging for hedgehogs and other wildlife

You don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy food to invite wildlife into your garden. Planting edible hedging not only offers delicious treats for you, but it is also a way of enticing birds, insects and hedgehogs. So, if you’re willing to share your wealth of berries, you’ll most definitely be rewarded with a wonderful wildlife show throughout the year. There are many varieties of edible hedging; learn how to pick the best kind… Hawthorn Hedge Plants The density of Hawthorn Hedge Plants makes them ideal nesting spots for... Read More

shutterstock 18/07/2015

Discover the best hedges for both you and wildlife

Hedging is one of the most versatile touches you can add to your garden. It offers a handy way of creating privacy and is also the perfect haven for wildlife such as birds, insects and hedgehogs. With the summer in full swing, you can make sure your garden provides a great place for summer parties whilst acting as a home for nature simply by choosing your hedging wisely… Berry Hedging It’s easy to invite birds into your garden. Berry hedging entices all kinds of birds, from flocks of redwings to blackbirds,... Read More

Hedgehog in garden 12/07/2015

Hedges for hedgehogs: Reasons why your choice of fencing is so crucial for wildlife

The key is in the name when it comes to encouraging hedgehogs into your garden. Hedges are the ideal nesting spot for our prickly friends, providing the necessary shelter and comfort they need to thrive. As part of our #HedgesForHogs campaign, we invite you to reconsider the particulars of your fencing, so that you can welcome hedgehogs safely into your garden… Avoid creating barriers Traditional fencing may do the job for keeping out unwanted pests, but it also acts as a barrier to letting hedgehogs in. To encourage hedgehogs into... Read More

cbd z 18/01/2015

Which bird foods are best and why?

Whether you’re a frequent feeder or you’re just starting to create your first wildlife garden, providing a mixture of different foods will leave you delighted by the variety of species that visit your garden, showcasing an array of different colours, sizes and behaviours. Birds are clever and will soon realise when there is a reliable supply of food available, so be consistent with your feeding to secure regular visitors. It’s a good idea to put food out at a similar time each day to avoid your garden birds wasting time and energy,... Read More

cedar waxwing 08/01/2015

The 10 best plants for birds

Your garden is an important source of food for wildlife year-round, and what you choose to plant can influence which species of birds decide to pay you a visit and feast on your berries. Therefore, it’s essential to plant a variety of hedges, shrubs and plants that berry and flower at different times of the year to ensure that there is food available during every season, particularly winter, as food becomes harder for birds to find at this time. We’ve put together a list of our top 10 plants to... Read More

Fotor 05/09/2014

Hedgerows and Wildlife

The hedgerow is nature’s shop window, where seasonal goods are artfully displayed. In spring and summer it is hung with flowers, heavy with perfume and alive with insects and birds. In autumn it is a palette of yellow, orange, red and silver-grey, studded with fruit, exotic seed heads, cobwebs strung with beads of dew and butterflies basking in the last of the sun. In winter it is transformed: dark tangles of branches peppered with buds are silhouetted against the sky while, in lurid contrast, vulgar green shoots poke through the... Read More