Christmas Gift Guide

A best4hedging guide to choosing the right gifts this Christmas

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a new homer-owner, or filling the stocking of your green-fingered friends and family; we have created this guide full of great and unique Christmas gift ideas that last a life time…


A festive feature for the garden

Topiary makes a great focal point in any garden. The beautiful shapes make for a great feature in both classic and contemporary gardens.

These ornamental plants have been around since the Egyptian era, and is as popular now as it was then. With the right topiary plants, you can turn a garden from mundane to stunning!

All of our Topiary can be container grown, which makes them ideal plants for patios and urban garden design.

These days, topiary shaping is as much science as art – plants are photographed from all angles and then a computerised trimmer (like a robot) snips all around the foliage to create a symmetrical shape.

With some outdoor fairy lights you can used topiary plants as mini Christmas trees in the garden.

From keen gardeners to new home owners, this is a perfect gift for a loved one.

Garden Tools

A gardener’s little helper

Garden tools are essential for maintaining garden appearance and developing plants. We have a variety of garden tools and equipment from the British brand Five Acres; a premium garden tools range that is designed to meet all your gardening needs.

The tools are made from high-quality stainless steels and are FSC approved timber. The Five Acres range comes with a lifetime guarantee and is designed to offer the ultimate in practicality, comfort and enjoyment for gardeners.

Beginners and garden enthusiasts alike will benefit from investing in the right garden tools.

Browse the range for a special Christmas gift this year:

Winter Colour

Evergreens – look fab in winter!

With evergreen topiary or hedging you can brighten someone’s garden this Christmas with green full hedging no matter the frosty scene outside. Evergreen plants offer consistent leaf cover for a full hedge look year-round.

The fullness of the foliage creates a natural green screen perfect for keeping gardens secluded from general view. Evergreen plants, dependent upon the species, also have excellent sound-absorbing capabilities and popular in built-up, urban areas.

They can also act as a natural windbreak for homes and gardens in general but are particularly suitable for those with a more exposed aspect. Evergreen hedging can act as a highly effective pollutant absorbent, helping to filter toxic particles from the air, generated by traffic emissions.

With the permanent leaf cover, the air in the vicinity is consistently cleaner. Environmentally, evergreen hedges have a myriad of positives. They help stabilise the ground and prevent soil erosion. They’re an ideal flood prevention measure, soaking up excess groundwater before it can reach hard surfaces or homes.

Winter Shrubs

Pot Grown Hedge Plants

Pot grown hedging plants are probably the most convenient and easiest way of planting a new hedge with a high success rate as the roots have been completely protected by the pot.

There is no rush to plant pot grown hedges straight into the ground. As long as the plants are being watered they can wait a few weeks to be planted, meaning you can leave them as they are whilst the festivities are still going.

With no seasonal restrictions and no rush to plant, pot grown hedging is a perfect gift for Christmas.

For more information about any of these Christmas gifts, contact our expert team on 01257 494 053 or email us at [email protected].

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