Create A Bee Friendly Garden

Bees play an essential role in our eco-system and they need all the help they can get! So follow our handy guide on how to create a bee friendly garden that will have buzzing visitors in no time…

Plant Bee Friendly Plants

Planting wildlife friendly shrubs and hedging plants are a great way to attract bees and butterflies to your garden. One of the biggest challenges for bees today is the lack of food, so planting hedging and plants are a great source of food.

Here are our top species for attracting bees, birds and butterflies to your garden.

Create Bee Friendly Areas

Now you’ve planted the best bee attracting hedging and plants there is, now you must let them live in them. Leaving areas in your garden untouched allows the plants to grow a little wild meaning there’s an even greater source of food and shelter for wildlife. 

It’s easy to forget that many of the plants we consider weeds actually do a brilliant job at supporting wildlife. Lawn clovers and even dandelions will attract and provide pollen and nectar for bees. As well as relaxing on your weeding, you could leave certain areas of the garden completely undisturbed and let nature take its course. -taken from

Close up of vibrant wildflowers

Bee Hotels

Providing bee hotels is a great way to boost bee diversity in your garden, by attracting solitary species. Solitary bees lay their eggs in the hollow cavities, leaving a small supply of food for the larvae to eat. The larvae then hatch, pupate and emerge from the stems. Always position bee hotels in full sun. Find out how to make a bee hotel. – taken from

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