Do you offer a planting service?

Planting a hedge is really easy and the majority of our customers do it themselves or pass the responsibility onto a local gardener or landscaper. Here at Best4hedging we don’t offer a planting service however we can recommend a local member of the British Association of Landscape Industries, for large planting projects. For those willing to face the task by taking the ‘do it yourself’ approach, we’ve included some videos as a helpful guide as to what you need to plant a hedge. We also have some words of wisdom alongside an instructional video that demonstrates how to prepare your site to achieve your hedge planting goals.

What you need to plant a hedge

How to prepare your site for planting

How to plant a Bare Root hedging 

How to plant a Pot Grown hedge 

For more information on how to plant your own hedge, see our Planting Advice section as well as our Best4hedging YouTube channel. Our YouTube channel includes videos which include easy to follow, how-to videos on how to plant a hedge that gives helpful tips on planting hedges spacing, how to use Rootgrow, different root types and many more to help you every step of the way.

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