Fantastic Foliage

4 February 2021

Often during spring, flowers take centre stage in a garden and your other plants have to wait until autumn to showcase the fiery colours that cloak their leaves and steal the show, but we’ve found a selection of hedging plants that have spring foliage fantastic enough to steal the limelight from the flowers and blossoms that decorate your beds and borders:


The slim, serrated leaves of this edible hedging plant appear early (sometimes even in January) and display a vibrant green colour complemented by a faint red edging throughout spring and summer, before changing to yellow ready to embrace the autumn.


The foliage of a Green Beech hedge has a sheen to it that will illuminate your garden. The crinkled, ovate leaves are painted with a shade of green that glistens and shines each time the sun touches it and the delicate hairs that cover the foliage provide an unusual texture that cannot be rivaled by even the prettiest flower.


Carpinus Betulus offers dense foliage that can create an eye-catching screen in your garden. The mid-green colour appears to change ever so slightly across the deep ridges and the ovate shape softens the toothed edges, providing additional interest.


Offering all the same attractive characteristics as Green Beech, Fagus Sylvatica Purpurea displays a striking, alternative rust red colour that floods the foliage and makes this plant perfect for creating a statement hedge.

Viburnum Opulus

The serrated, pinnate foliage of this native hedging plant is a great way to add interest to your garden and looks wonderful used as a textured backdrop for your other plants. Rowan hedging plants are an easy way to add a hardy but decorative feature in your garden.

The unusual shape of these leaves is emphasised by the two-tone effect, spreading from a green centre to a faded red colour around the outline. This showy shrub will give your beds and borders a glowing edge.

Hedging plants with colourful foliage provide wonderful interest during spring, not only through the vibrant shades of the leaves but the texture and shape also add unusual details to your garden and, as the seasons change to autumn, you won’t be disappointed by the new colours that decorate the leaves.

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