Hurried hedging – Top 7 fast growing hedge plants

Often our customers are looking for a tall hedge at a low cost. This is where fast growing hedge plants come in. They provide instant impact and are a great way to save money, as a fast growing species means you don’t need to buy plants at your final desired height initially; the fast growth rate allows you to buy smaller, more cost effective plants that will reach the height you require within one or two growing seasons. Here’s our pick of the best fast growing hedging species that will provide you with a great garden feature in no time at all!

Fast growing hedge plants

Berberis Ottawensis Hedge Plants

Berberis Ottawensis has attractive red/purple foliage with seasonal interest in the form of orange berries in spring, yellow flowers in summer and a striking, fiery orange colour flooding the leaves in autumn. Reaching 40-60cm of growth per year, Red Berberis is a fantastic colourful hedging choice.

Blackthorn Hedge Plants

With stunning, white, spring flowers that are wildlife friendly and thorny stems that make it an ideal intruder deterrent, Blackthorn works wonderfully in a mixed native hedge and will achieve about 40-60cm per year.

Pyracantha Orange Hedge Plants

The vibrant berries that decorate Pyracantha Orange hedges in autumn, following the disappearance of the fragrant, white, summer flowers, will brighten up any garden. Pyracantha grows an average of 30-60cm per year and looks great when left to develop a natural aesthetic – it can even be used as a climber to decorate fences and trellises.

Cherry Laurel Hedge Plants

For a classic, evergreen hedge, Cherry Laurel is our most popular species. The large, glossy foliage makes a wonderful garden feature all year round and, as it achieves about 30-60cm of growth per year, it won’t take long to reach your desired height.

cherry laurel hedge

Very fast growing hedge plants

Golden Leylandii hedging

Golden Leylandii offers the same great features as a traditional Leylandii hedge; evergreen foliage, a dense habit great for screening and a very fast growth rate of 60+ cm per year, but with the addition of attractive golden foliage.

Green Bamboo Hedging

The perfect way to give your garden an exotic twist, Green Bamboo provides dense, evergreen coverage and is great for adding texture to your garden. With a growth rate of 60+ cm per year, Phyllostachys Bissetii is considered one of our fastest growing hedging plants.

Alnus Glutinosa

Alder hedging is a native hedging plant that thrives in wet soil and has nitrogen fixing properties that can recover poor soils and therefore improve the conditions for surrounding plants. With a very fast growth rate of 60+ cm per year, Alnus Glutinosa is a top choice when you want to create a high hedge quickly.

Alder hedge

View our full range of fast growing hedge plants and very fast growing species to find the perfect hurried hedging to meet your needs.

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