flowering hedging

Planting a flowering hedge is one of the easiest ways to add colour to your garden and to create an ornamental feature among your evergreens.

With a huge range of different species to choose from, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. Here’s our favourite hedge plants that offer an abundance of impressive, bright blossoms!

For white flowers, Osmanthus Burkwoodii is a fantastic evergreen with fragrant blooms that sit against a dark foliage. Similarly, Choisya Ternata displays small, star-shaped, white flowers that also release a sweet aroma.

If you’re looking to create a low border blanketed with white flowers, Olearia Haastii is the perfect choice for hedges between 0.5-1.5m high.

Juneberry is another great shrub that showcases bright white flowers and also has wonderful wildlife value as the berries that appear in summer are a favourite with foraging birds.

For a hedge with pink flowers, consider Ribes sanguineum. This is a great shrub for wildlife friendly gardens as not only will it add eye-popping colour to your landscape but the striking flowers also provide an early source of nectar for bees.

Weigela also offers pink flowers that open from attractive red buds and give a two-tone effect as the petals are a combination of white and pink shades.

The flowers of Purple Leaf Sand Cherry are a similar pale pink colour to Weigela and stand out vibrantly against a background of dark red-purple foliage.

Our yellow flowered hedging includes Forsythia with a profusion of bright flowers decorating each stem, perfect for adding warmth to a shaded corner of the garden.

Brachyglottis sunshine is a mass of bright blooms in summer and a lovely informal shrub for borders and pathways.

A gorgeous ornamental shrub, Hypericum Hidcote has dazzling yellow, saucer-shaped flowers which attract the bees and butterflies.

For a blue or purple colour scheme, California Lilac is a beautiful choice. Bursting into bloom with bright blue flowers, California Lilac has a stunning contrast with dark, ovate foliage and makes a striking addition to any garden.

Lavender hedging is the classic choice for purple flowers. The much loved fragrance that drifts from the foliage repels flies and mosquitos whilst also creating a gorgeous scent for any seating area.

Aside from colour, a flowering hedge can also provide your garden with texture, shape and an assortment of wildlife that enjoys the nectar and pollen on offer. Take a look at our full range of flowering hedging for inspiration!

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