get the kids gardening!

Learning to appreciate the natural world that surrounds our children is such an important life lesson for them to learn and enjoy! This National Children’s Gardening Week, why not try a few fun activities to get your kids gardening…

get creative with pots and planters

Dig out the paint and crafty bits to spruce up some old planters! Geraniums are great for planting as they are super hardy but so bright and beautiful!

If you don’t have old pots, why not have a rummage through the recycling? Plastic containers such as yoghurt pots, jam jars and tins are great for alpine plants – Just remember to make some small holes in the base to allow water to drain.

plant some easy to grow veggies

It is such a wonderful thing to plant and watch veggies grow. Your kids will find it so rewarding too as they get to show off their vegetables after all of their time and care.

With very little effort you can grow radishes, baby carrots and lettuce in your garden, or even on a window ledge!

Take a look at Gardeners World here for advice and information on easy to grow vegetables.

create your own mud kitchen

Kids love making a mess! So why not let them enjoy themselves and explore nature…

A mud kitchen is a designated part of the garden for all things (you guessed it!) mud. They can be purchased from toy retailers, however we think it’s just as effective, and friendlier to the environment, to make your own!

All that you will need is a bench or table, a few old pans and some old baking utensils. We love the idea of painting vegetables and fruit on pebbles too! This is a great alternative to plastic. Take a look this blog post by Play Teach Repeat for more information.

make a fairy garden or a dinosaur den

Encouraging the children to play outside can sometimes be difficult, so why not create a new area for them to build and play in!

This doesn’t have to be a great big patch of your garden. A wide short pot is a great option for a contained and changeable playground.

In their planter, the kids can grow plants to create a mini garden or jungle for their toys. Or maybe you could keep the space clear for them to swap and change between different toys and objects.

We would love to see garden fun you have been having this National Children’s Gardening Week! Make sure to tag us in your pictures and videos on Facebook and Instagram.

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