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How a hedge can sell your house

A well-maintained garden can add up to £2,000 extra to the value of the property. Hedges are a natural fence and look great in any garden. A staple of English properties for centuries, hedges is now even considered a protected feature in some regions. Regular maintenance is all that’s required to keep this natural barrier in top shape. Not only is a hedge a good safety measure, but also aesthetically appealing. This is a bonus for those on the market for a property. Discover ways a hedge can boost the chances of selling a home.

Play on the Privacy Aspect

There is nothing that lowers a potential buyer’s desire for a property more than the possibility that their privacy might be encroached on. Although a fence is a good start, it doesn’t quite have the visual appeal of a hedge. Hedges are by nature low maintenance and only requires trimming once in a while. They can reach good heights and grow together pretty dense. For the prospective buyer, these areas can be highlighted as it tends to also be an effective noise barrier. Keeping snooping neighbors and rowdy teens from spoiling that peace and quiet is on every prospective buyer’s list.

Technology-Friendly Properties

Technology has given us much to think about and physically visiting a property before buying it is no longer required. Google Street View and drone footage of a prospective property are often enough for some to sign on the dotted line. Video footage of the interior and garden seals the deal. But possibly the item that has the biggest effect on that final decision, is the drone footage. This gives homebuyers a bird’s eye view of the property and nothing shows up on video better than a  perfectly maintained hedge. This is especially true if this is the only hedge in the area or better maintained than the neighbour’s. Hedges are not just striking around the border of the property, but can also be used to highlight features of the garden thanks to its adaptability to pruning.

Add Some Visual Interest

Hedging can be used to plant something truly spectacular: a mini maze. Those who have some acreage in their garden and don’t quite know what to do on that blank canvas, should consider roping in the help of landscape artist and plan a mini maze. Not only is this great fun for children, but also adds a touch of class to a property. Not only will it satisfy drone footage for the online folk, but will make than the view from the first-floor window incomparable.

Full-sized hedges provide shelter from the weather and much-needed privacy, where half-sized hedges allow for visual interest. High or low, sparse or dense, hedges have the potential to add visual interest in any garden.

Written by Jackie Edwards who is a researcher, editor and writer. Jackie began her career in horticulture and landscape gardening and spent many years helping couples and families achieve their plans to create gardens they could live and work with.

Thank you Jackie for another amazing and informative piece!

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