How to Add Greenery to Small Gardens

28 August 2015

When it comes to small outdoor spaces, sometimes it may seem as if there isn’t any room for a garden but our space-saving green solutions prove otherwise. With these diverse products, even petite plots and little lawns can be transformed into colourful, wildlife friendly areas that you can make the most of – well, when the great British summer allows of course. All it takes is a bit of planning and inspiration and you’ll have an outdoor space worthy of envious looks from the neighbours in no time.

Small Pots

Keeping it simple by dressing up plain patios with potted plants is one of the easiest ways to add ornamental value to your small garden. Fragrant shrubs such as Lavender and Rosemary make great feature plants, filling your space with floral scents and giving a bright burst of colour during spring and summer.


Dressing a small garden up with topiary shapes is an easy way to add architecture and height. The curve of Box topiary spirals are great for softening sharp corners and hard materials such as fences and patios, whilst the cut, clean edges of a Box cube make for a simple but dramatic impact.

Bare Roots

Planting bare root hedging plants in a single row is a fantastic option for narrow gardens where a thicker hedge may be too dominant. You can choose from a huge variety of hedging plants that offer flowers, berries, colourful foliage and wildlife value, so your garden can be just as diverse as those with a bigger planting site to work with.

Pleached Trees

Pleached trees are the ideal choice for small gardens as they give all the benefits of a traditional hedge, without taking up the same amount of space. As the stem is bare below the foliage, there is room for under planting and the foliage can be trimmed to maintain a neat, slim shape.

Ivy Screens

These green walls are an attractive, slender solution for small spaces. The non-invasive Hedera Ivy provides a habitat for various wildlife, making sure you don’t miss out on getting closer to nature just because your space is limited and, as it is evergreen, it also gives year-round colour and cover so your space looks stunning in every season.

If you need any more inspiration and advice on giving your small garden a makeover even Alan Titchmarsh would be proud of, our sales team are always happy to help and will recommend the best hedging plants and greenery to suit your space.