Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space With Instant Hedging

Summer is the perfect time to get out in the garden and enjoy the weather. There’s no need to stay cooped up in the house when you can still enjoy all of your home comforts, just with the sun over your head. With so many quirky ways to bring nature indoors, we have a few ideas on how to use instant hedging to bring the indoors outdoors instead.

Designs and Styles

Block out unwanted views

When entertaining guests in the garden, the last thing you want is an unsightly view. Instant hedging can be planted straight away to ensure something out of your control doesn’t overshadow the hard work you’ve spent on your garden. You can impress your guests with your flowerbeds and garden features without the worry of a tired brick wall or alleyway dampening the view. Taller hedges such as our Western Red Cedar Hedge Plants and Yew Hedge Plants are both great choices.

Create some privacy

When you’re entertaining guests you don’t want to be overlooked by your next-door neighbours or people walking past on an adjoining street. By planting instant hedging, like our Privet Hedge Plants, you are guaranteed some privacy so that you can enjoy your party in peace. The hedging can be used to create a barrier to any adjoining properties, lining the perimeters of your garden and acting as an all-natural fence.

Create a lounge area

Instant hedging can be easily used to corner off an area in your garden, adding a little bit of extra privacy. Create a lounge area lined by a wall of hedging, and mimic your living room by bringing out a picnic blanket as a rug, and a table and some chairs. If you want to make it even cosier, move out one of your sofas or armchairs and place some pillows and blankets around. Why not use our Box Instant hedging to complete the look.

Light up the night

Outdoor fairy lights aren’t just for the festive period. To allow you to stay outside longer throughout the evening, drape lighting around the outskirts of your garden. If you’re unsure of where to hang the lighting, instant hedging such as our Phontinia Red Robin Hedge Plants provides a sturdy frame for stringing a set of fairy lights. LED lanterns also add a nice touch and can be placed around your seating area. 

Set up a bar or outdoor kitchen

What better way to bask in the sun than with some refreshing drinks and delicious food? Installing an outdoor bar can be pricey but it provides a great way to entertain guests. Set up an area in your garden by adding instant hedging like our brilliant Box Hedge Plants for the back and build a bar around it. Vintage rolling bars and grand barbecues are a cheaper alternative for kitting out your garden. Simply add a table for guests to place their drinks or food, and even some bar stools for an authentic touch.

Screen some films

Make the most of those long summer evenings by bringing films outdoors. Once you have an outdoor film projector, it’s really easy to create your own outdoor cinema. Instant hedging can be used as a backdrop for a screen to hang from; our tall hedges such as the Ivy Screens or Privet Hedge Plants are ideal. Just add some chairs or blankets to sit on, and don’t forget the popcorn!

Creating Spaces

Instant hedging doesn’t have to be all about providing privacy or security; it can also be used to separate off different parts of your garden. If you have a bigger garden and more space to play with, there are creative ways to separate a patio area or decking with hedging. Shape a special place for entertaining guests or hosting garden events by lining a perimeter around your seating area with our Hawthorn Hedge Plants or Phontinia Red Robin Hedge Plants. These offer a nice distinction between lawn, flowerbeds and patio.

Tuck away garden areas

As practical as your compost bin, water barrel and shed are, they may not be the prettiest of things to look at. A small amount of instant hedging, such as our Lonicera Nitida Hedge Plants can act as a divider, closing off these spaces of your garden. It can also prevent any unpleasant smells wafting over too.

Have a look at our full range of instant hedging to turn your garden into a cosy summer retreat.

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