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July Gardening Advice

The temperature outside is currently reaching mid 30’s and this is proving to be the hottest Summer on record, yay! However, as we are feeling the heat so are our plants and it’s taking a lot to cool them down. So if we are going to advise anything in this monthly gardening advice it would be of course, to water water water! As we cool down with a nice glass of lemonade or a pint of beer whilst watching England win a penalty shoot out (are pigs going to fly next?) make sure that your gardens are getting a good drink too, preferably water over beer though!


Prune June-flowering shrubs such as Philadelphus and Weigela after flowering. Prune deciduous magnolias if necessary. Fast-growing hedges such as Leylandi should be clipped as necessary throughout the growing season.

Remove any reverted green shoots on hardy variegated evergreens, to prevent reversion taking over.

Check for nesting birds before clipping any hedge!

Continue to keep on top of removing moss and weeds from your paths and terraces, it’s not just the plants that are growing at a fast speed at this time of the year. Stock up on some weedkiller which will kill off most weeds for at least a couple of months. And, keep your eyes peeled for any pests that might have made a home in your garden, keep an eye out on them pesky slugs and snails! To keep control, try trapping them grapefruit skins remembering to collect them up and disposing of them.

Mow lawns at least once a week. Water your lawn during hot weather, particularly newly seeded or turfed lawns. Do not allow new lawns to dry out. Add lawn fertiliser.

Keep an eye out for white powdery mildew on plants. If possible, remove the affected parts and spray with a fungicide to prevent further spread.

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