Gardening Hacks and Handy Uses For Your Leaf Blower

So we’re nearly at the end of January (hurrah!), lighter days and warmer weather is on the horizon. We hope you have been in your gardens making preparations for the Spring. I’ve been doing some research this week on gardening tips and I thought I would share some with you all, because who doesn’t like taking shortcuts?

Are you a regular at forgetting to water your plants, or have a holiday coming up? Try using a wine bottle as a self-watering bottle planter! (That’s one way to use up the evidence of th Christmas slurp!)


Want a hedge on the cheap and don’t mind waiting? Bare roots make an affordable way of achieving a hedge and leaves you with a sense of pride without upsetting your bank account! View all our bare root options on our website


Before throwing away your empty milk cartons, recycle them for your own use as a water jug!


Now to tackle them pesky slugs, try eggshells. Next time you have a fry up, don’t throw away your egg shells, crumble them up and scatter them on your beloved plants. Slugs & snails aren’t brave enough to risk a journey through this treacherous path!



To make weed picking a little more easier- try using vinegar as a weed killer.


If you’re feeling rather creative and want to try something new, why not hang a palette on a wall as a nifty way to store your tools? See our full range of tools here


Check the pH of your soil with this handy tip



Handy Uses for Your Leaf Blower

We have recently been in touch with writer Jackie Edwards, who is a researcher, editor and writer. Jackie began her career in horticulture and landscape gardening and spent many years helping couples and families achieve their plans to create gardens they could live and work with. Jack recently helped put together this piece on the topic of different uses for leaf blowers that you might not have thought of. We found this piece really useful and we’d love to share this with you all. Please read below…

What’s the first thing you do after you trim your beautiful, flowering hedge? Blow away the stray leaves of course. But did you know that you could be putting your leaf blower to other handy uses? Don’t lock it away in a cupboard until the autumn leaves fall from the trees, get it to work on some other garden and home tasks to make the most of the tool.

Winter may be the least likely time you use your leaf blower; however, did you know that it can also be used to blow away powdery snow from your path? Other fantastic uses include:

  • Drying off a wet car after washing

  • Cleaning leaves and debris from gutters

  • Blowing dust out of household vents

  • Blowing away cobwebs

Who knew that your leaf blower could be so effective around the house?  Read on for more amazing uses for your leaf blower.



We hope you found this blog helpful. If you have any tips we’ve missed please leave a comment or share them to our Facebook or tweet us to @best4hedging




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