How To Make A Noise Numbing Retreat In The City

Are you someone who relishes city life? Having all the benefits of great shopping centres, transportation, and cuisine are appreciated, but the noise, pollution and traffic generally are not. This is why it is so important to create a really magical garden retreat where you can go after a mad day in the city. There are many practicalities to consider. First, gardens in cities are noisy. Cars, neighbours and trains are all disturbing. Often, your view may not be very inspiring either. Looking onto your neighbour’s forlorn front patio is not a way to unwind. Finally, you may think it is too costly to transform your yard into the  relaxing getaway you want. However, all these problems can be quite adequately solved with a few general changes. There are ways to cut out a lot of noise, tricks to hide unsightly views, replacing them with a calming green canvas, and all can be done at a low cost.

Noise Control

Your first, and best tool is to plant instant hedging which will cushion the sound of passing traffic and barking dogs. Yew and Privet hedges are some of the best species you can use to do this. The additional benefit is that they will create gorgeous greenery for you to look at as you sink into your hanging chair.

A second, highly effective method of eradicating noise is to harness the power of water. Water is known to be soothing and to have a positive effect on our state of mind. To get the maximum effect, consider installing a water fountain in your garden. Fountains come in a range of styles and prices, and whether your home is more modern, or more country, you will find a perfect fountain to fit the look of your home. However, be aware of the combination of water droplets and hedge care. When water is spread too frequently on leaves of hedges, especially laurel, fungal diseases can result which will ruin your hedge. The solution is to install a fountain whose reach is not so large that it is constantly dripping on your hedging. Alternatively, if a big fountain is what you really want, consider putting up a wall instead of a hedge as a sound barrier.

Another effective noise control solution is to add a deck to your outdoors. By building a space where you can put a few chairs, and covering it with canvas, sails, creepers, or any other covering that suits your fancy, you can enclose yourself in a beautiful hideaway. Covering the top and sides of your deck provide additional noise protection and shield you from the neighbours at the same time too!

Making It Marvellous

Aside from shutting out some noise, and providing some privacy, your garden getaway needs to look attractive too. Therefore consider creating a planned, planted garden using a mix of flowers that grow well in the UK. You can consider sunflowers and larkspurs for borders, herbaceous perennials like echinacea, and climbers like roses. Shrubs like camellia and witch hazel will be good for breaking up your garden into a series of “outdoor rooms”.

In addition to adding colour and greenery, put up garden ornaments you find attractive and don’t forget the beautiful sounds of wind chimes and bamboo chimes. Hang these outside windows and off your deck and you will be whisked away to beautiful places in your mind.

It’s really quite easy to create an attractive outdoor space. With a little planning, and investing in good soundproofing and privacy, your garden can become your favourite retreat at any time of the year.

Written by Jackie Edwards who is a researcher, editor and writer. Jackie began her career in horticulture and landscape gardening and spent many years helping couples and families achieve their plans to create gardens they could live and work with.

Thank you Jackie for another amazing and informative piece!

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