April Gardening Advice 2019

Now that the clocks have changed and we’re ‘springing forward’ towards better weather (hopefully), you’ll finally start to see your hard work from the winter months appearing as bright foliage and striking blossoms in your garden.  But it’s not time to sit back and enjoy it just yet, there’s plenty of jobs to do this month and here’s our pick of the most important: Planting and pruning You can still buy and plant bare root and rootball hedging and we have started our cold storage technique, for more information on this... Read More


Cold Storage- Air conditioning for bare roots!

It seems the warmer weather has graced us with it’s presence early this year, this certainly is every gardeners dream and we hope it continues over the weekend so we can all get out there and work on our gardens, or even just to sit back and enjoy a nice spring barbecue! “But with these warmer temperatures, we won’t be able to plant bare roots!”, we hear you cry, well fear not! Our bare roots are staying out of the heat and currently enjoying arctic conditions of below -3C. They... Read More


How To Create A Bird Friendly Garden

Our natural landscapes are continuously changing, and as we constantly endure the loss of more and more natural spaces to urbanisation. The difference you can make to local bird populations, simply by creating a bird-friendly garden, is huge. It’s not only beneficial to the birds – the enjoyment you will get from identifying the various new species that begin to visit your garden, is a reward in itself. The RSPB has recognised the following decline in bird species as documented by The Common Bird Census between 1970 and 1999: • Tree sparrow... Read More


March Gardening Advice

This time last year we were battling with the ‘beast from the east’ which was covering the majority of the UK in snow reaching depths never seen before! But today we are pleased we can talk about March and the Spring ahead. March makes way for the busy season, with the promise of longer days and hopefully more sunshine to get through your list of gardening jobs. This month you should be working towards ticking off your Winter gardening tasks and getting your garden ready for the new growing season.... Read More

Bug hotel 01/02/2019

February Gardening Advice

As spring approaches, planting conditions are starting to approve so now is the perfect time to plant bare root and root ball hedging plants, shrubs and trees- take a look at our video for advice on how to plant a bare root hedge. There is still plenty of time to plant roses, but ensure you choose an alternative area in which roses have not previously been grown to avoid new plants being exposed to replant diseases. If you want to cut back your deciduous hedges, this can be done now... Read More


RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch 2019

It’s that time of year again! This weekend hosts the 40th RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch and we hope you are all ready with your packs. If you haven’t had chance to order one, you can still download a digital copy here. The Big Garden Bird watch is designed to help the charity build a picture on how the UK birds are doing, They ask that you spend an hour in the garden or watching from a window to see how many birds and what species are visiting your gardens.... Read More


2019 design trends to take your garden to the next level

Whether you are looking to completely re-design your garden or simply want to update the functionality and look of your garden, has put together some of the top design trends for 2019. From creating a space which is low maintenance to creating interesting focal points, this article will provide you with the inspiration you can use for your garden. Creating a low maintenance garden Due to the hustle and bustle of modern life, gardeners are always looking to simplify their gardens, and 2019 will be no different. Creating a... Read More


Beat The January Blues

January can be a very long, miserable month and we would like to make it a little easier for you, helping best we can. Although it’s cold and wet, getting out in your gardens not only does your garden a favour but also your health. Let’s see how gardening can help with your mind and body. 1. Gardening To Help Your Mind How does gardening decrease depression and anxiety? ‘From a clinical research perspective, the positive effects of gardening on anxiety make sense. Most obviously, gardening provides a way to... Read More


January Gardening Advice 2019

January sees the start of a new year and after all the excitement and indulgences from Christmas, most of us welcome the new year with a warm smile and and a fresh hello. Although January is often the coldest month, it’s also a great month to get into the gardens. We are still in bare root season meaning that bare root hedging plants can be planted whilst they are still dormant. Bare root hedging is the most affordable way to grow a hedge in your gardens.  When planting, if you... Read More


Delivery Dates Over Christmas

Please see our delivery dates for the Christmas period below… The last chance to order Root Balls is 10am Thursday 13th December – delivery for Wednesday 19th December.   First delivery for Root Balls in the New Year is Thursday 10th January. Any orders placed after 10am Thursday 13th December will then be delivered for Thursday 10th January 2019. Our first delivery for pots and bare roots in the New Year is Thursday 3rd January (subject to stock availability) Our sales and service opening hours are as follows:  Close for Christmas 21st December 5:30pm.Open 27th... Read More