RSPB Approved Bird Friendly Hedge Packs

Autumn is a time of change, a change of temperature as the months turn cooler leaving summer behind, a change of colour with the falling leaves leaving our streets covered in blanket of golden browns. We say goodbye to birds who leave for migration and hello to those who are looking for food for the upcoming months. This is the perfect time be thinking about the wintering bird species that need our help. 

The RSPB are now the largest nature conservation charity in the country, founded in 1889, they continue to grow with the ever demanding threats nature throw in our way. One of their main missions is to reserve homes for nature, this is something that we can all do. Best4hedging is proud to be an official exclusive retailer of the RSPB since 2015 and together we have made Bird Friendly hedging packs that can be planted in your gardens. These bare root mixed hedges are ideal to help the birds in your garden, they also provide masses of seasonal interest with beautiful summer flowers and rich autumn colours decorating the hedge.

The hedging packs are made up from species such as Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Field Maple, Guelder Rose in our economy packs and with added Wild Privet, Wild Cherry, Bird Cherry and Juneberry in our ultimate packs. Our RSPB hedging packs can make a huge difference to local wildlife, particularly bird populations that have suffered a huge decline in recent years. As well as contributing to the conservation of local wildlife species, they also make fantastic hedging screens and windbreaks, and look great in both formal gardens and more relaxed settings, left to grow naturally.

There are many other ways to help all kinds of wildlife, the flower borders from summer that are probably fading by now- resist the temptation to cut down all the seed heads as they provide a home for insects, including ladybirds, and will also generate an abundance of seed. These in turn are food for the birds over the coming winter. Also the fallen leaves and windfall fruit will attract birds and other animals.  Piles of logs in longer grass can form the home for toads and newts from a local pond.

We recommend cutting back your Bird Friendly hedge in the winter and if further pruning is required in summer, make sure you leave the berries on for hungry birds. Remember to always check for nesting birds before carrying out any maintenance.  Mix up the species in your hedge for the best results and avoid planting in single species groups. Our RSPB Bird Friendly hedging packs are available from November as Bare Roots, which can be pre-ordered from mid-summer, and year-round as cell-grown plants. You can buy RSPB approved Bird Friendly hedging packs from Best4hedging online with total confidence in the quality of the plants you will receive.

Help to breed birds…

Modern developments have created a lot of damage to animal habitats, including those of birds. So, we owe it to them to make our gardens bird-friendly and help our little feathered friends survive and breed successfully.

Find out how you can help to breed birds here.

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