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RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch 2019

It’s that time of year again! This weekend hosts the 40th RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch and we hope you are all ready with your packs. If you haven’t had chance to order one, you can still download a digital copy here.

The Big Garden Bird watch is designed to help the charity build a picture on how the UK birds are doing, They ask that you spend an hour in the garden or watching from a window to see how many birds and what species are visiting your gardens. More than half a million people are expected to take part and with a proven track record it’s definitely worth taking the time out this weekend (the weather is meant to be sunny and dry also so fingers crossed!)

Numbers of greenfinches have been hit by the disease trichomonosis for the past decade, which has also been documented in other garden birds, such as chaffinch. Last year the top birds spotted was the Sparrow, Robin and Blackbird. Daniel Hayhow, RSPB conservation scientist, said: “This year could be a bumper weekend of sightings. Conditions during the breeding season were much better compared to recent years and our resident birds are likely to have been helped by relatively kind autumn and winter weather. So, keep your eyes peeled for the greenfinches, chaffinches and various tit species.”

To make the most out of this weekend and to create larger results, why not create a ‘bird café’ in your garden, think of it as an annual birds afternoon tea! Fill your gardens with bird feeders, a choice of bird seed mixtures, such as bird cake and food bars. Add sunflower seeds or hearts to a bird table. Different birds like different foods, so try a range to see what works best in your garden. No bird water table? No problem! Put out a large washing up bowl (make sure no soap residue is left) and fill with clean fresh water.

If you want to plan for the event next year or just attract birds to your gardens year round, the most natural way to entice our feathered friends is by providing food, safe habitats and nesting sites which is all available in hedging.

Best4hedging have a huge selection of native plants which offer wildlife friendly attributes and we have even collaborated with the RSPB to bring you Approved Bird Friendly Bundles. These packs contain a mixture of hedging species that accommodate a wide selection of garden birds and other wildlife while creating a diverse garden feature.

rspb ultimate bird friendly plants competition

We hope you’ll come into sight of some new visitors and enjoy learning about our great British wildlife. Please submit your results to

For more information on the Big Garden Bird watch and for some interesting facts, please read this article

We would love to see how you got on this weekend, share your results and photos to our Facebook or tweets us @best4hedging

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