cell grown hedge plants

cell grown hedge plants 10/08/2015

Cell grown hedging plants

Hedge plants come in a range of different root types, available at various times throughout the year. Cell grown hedging can be both bought and planted year-round making it a great choice when planting a new garden hedge. There’s many more benefits to choosing this root type but first we need to understand what cell grown plants actually are. What are cell grown hedging plants? Cell grown hedge plants come with their root system surrounded by a small amount of soil and are a midway point between bare root hedging and pot... Read More


Pot grown hedging plants – Sizing advice

­As the bare root season comes to an end, now is the time to make the most of our huge range of pot grown hedging plants, available to plant all year round. Pot grown plants are one of the best ways to ensure success when planting a new hedge. This is because pot grown plants are given much more care than bare root hedging or root balls as they have to be watered, weeded, fed and annually re-potted to ensure good growth and development takes place so we can provide... Read More


Why are some plants only available during winter?

At Best4hedging we have a great variety of hedging plants in a choice of sizes and root types. Pot grown and cell grown hedge plants are available year round, whereas bare root and root ball hedge plants are only available from November to April depending on the weather. The bare root season can be extended until mid/late May for some hedging species through the use of cold storage. Bare root and root ball plants are grown in a field and can only be lifted when they are dormant, as this process... Read More