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pot grown Rosemary 23/06/2015

Plants for growing in containers

It’s easy to get carried away when planning a garden, imagining the huge variety of plants you’ll use to fill every corner of your site, but not every gardener is blessed with endless beds and borders to fill, so we’ve found the best shrubs for pots that you can use to decorate patios, balconies and decking, whether you’ve got a small garden with limited space or just want to add some new feature plants to a dull area. Before choosing which plants to grow in containers, you first need to... Read More


Why are some plants only available during winter?

At Best4hedging we have a great variety of hedging plants in a choice of sizes and root types. Pot grown and cell grown hedge plants are available year round, whereas bare root and root ball hedge plants are only available from November to April depending on the weather. The bare root season can be extended until mid/late May for some hedging species through the use of cold storage. Bare root and root ball plants are grown in a field and can only be lifted when they are dormant, as this process... Read More

garden shed 28/01/2015

Storing Bare Root Shrubs, Root Ball Hedging and Container Grown Trees in Cold Weather

Although winter is a great time for planting, sometimes the weather can stop you in your tracks. If you find yourself with a new delivery of bare root or root ball hedge plants but the ground is frozen or water logged, this blog will help you to find the best way to store your plants until the conditions improve. Pot grown plants For container grown plants the first thing you need to do is keep them in their pots as this will protect the root mass from being exposed to freezing... Read More