Edible hedging

bh monthly gardening advice feat 01/09/2021

September Gardening Advice 2021

September brings with it a change in season and therefore a change in your garden’s needs. With forecasts for potential rain fall, we may be grabbing our rain coats a lot more often, but don’t let the rain keep you from your garden! The bare root and root ball season is approaching, now is the time to prepare your garden for autumn. Plan Ahead You can now pre-order cost effective bare roots and impacting root balls to ensure you get priority of the freshest plants so you can plant during... Read More

Lavender loaf cake 30/09/2016

Baking with edible hedging

The Great British Bake Off has got the whole country in a cooking frenzy! As this year is the last time Mary Berry and the whole gang are together on BBC, there’s no better time to get some inspiration from the iconic baking tent and test your culinary skills. If you were watching #BotanicalWeek you will have seen ingredients such as Rosemary, Elder flower and a huge range of berries used in both the Technical Challenge where contestants had to bake two leaf shaped Fougasse, and those marvellous cake creations... Read More

Blackbird eating Yew berries 26/09/2016

Why choose hedges with berries?

Autumn is here and with it comes fungi, fruit and the rusty foliage which makes this season so favourable for us gardeners. We love autumn because the combination of the summer warmth and autumnal damp offers a sustainable environment for mushrooms to develop, deciduous trees start their leaf transformation, animal behaviour begins to change and a number of plants are covered with colourful berries. Take Pyracantha for example, by the end of September the orange, yellow and red berries are in full force. They make a dramatic garden feature as... Read More

pie 14/10/2015

Edible Hedging – Sea Buckthorn & Apple Pie

Sea buckthorn and Apple Pie Autumn means one thing to us at best4hedging – edible hedging! It’s almost time for a number of hedging plants to begin tantalising our taste buds and for us, the green fingered gardeners, to become nature’s very own Jamie Oliver. During October, we see a number of berries bursting to be picked, mixed and cooked to create a concoction of delicious snacks. A Best4Hedging edible hedging favourite is sea buckthorn, a native plant that produces orange, soft, juicy berries rich in oils and vitamin C.... Read More

Foraging for rowan berries 29/01/2015

Find, Forage and Feast with Edible Hedging

When most people think of hedges they imagine evergreen privacy screens, property boundaries and flower borders – but what if you could find a hedge with all of these features that also offered tasty treats? Well, that’s where edible hedges come in. Edible hedges have all the same qualities as a traditional hedge, with the delicious addition of branches laden with fruit, berries and nuts. Growing an edible hedge is not only a great way to add character to your garden, but you may also find that the many uses of... Read More

fece z 18/11/2014

Wild Cherry Brandy Recipe

This makes a great festive drink- perfect for an after-dinner tipple, and by preparing the recipe now, you’ll have a bottle of wild cherry brandy just in time for Christmas.   Recipe makes about 850ml Ingredients: 500g wild (sour) cherries, with or without their stems 300g granulated sugar About 300ml brandy Method: 1. Begin by sterilising your wide-mouthed bottling jars (this is a glass bottle with a well-fitting screw-top or swing-top lid). It is up to you whether to make one big blend or split up your mixture into several... Read More

afbe z 10/07/2014

Rowan Jelly Recipe

This rowan jelly provides a sharp and slightly bitter flavour, perfect to serve with lamb or game.   Recipe makes 3-4 large jars Ingredients: 1kg rowan berries 1kg crab apples Approx. 1kg granulated sugar 1.2 litres of water Juice of 1 lemon   Method: 1.  Place a jelly bag or line cheesecloth in a sizeable sieve and place over a large bowl. 2.  Chop your crab apples into small chunks (this does not have to be done neatly), then wash with your rowan berries, before adding all the fruit into... Read More

bebc z 07/04/2014

Rose Petal Jam Recipe

This jam makes a wonderful treat on your morning toast, is a great alternative to sugar when mixed with your porridge and can be used for an unusual, tasty cake filling.   Recipe makes 3 large jars Ingredients: 1.5 litres wild rose petals (lightly pressed in the measuring jug) 1kg granulated sugar 3 lemons 850ml water Few drops of rosewater (optional) Method: 1. Start by rinsing and drying the rose petals to make sure any dirt is washed away. Place the rose petals into a large bowl and cover completely... Read More