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x Christmas Gift Guide HD 02/12/2021
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Christmas Gift Guide

A best4hedging guide to choosing the right gifts this Christmas Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a new homer-owner, or filling the stocking of your green-fingered friends and family; we have created this guide full of great and unique Christmas gift ideas that last a life time… Topiary A festive feature for the garden Topiary makes a great focal point in any garden. The beautiful shapes make for a great feature in both classic and contemporary gardens. These ornamental plants have been around since the Egyptian era, and... Read More

Leylandii hedge 23/07/2015

10 reasons to choose Leylandii hedging

When it comes to conifer hedging, Leylandii often steals the limelight, but with very good reason. This evergreen hedging plant brings a huge range of benefits to a garden, securing it a place in our top 5 most popular hedge plants. The fast growth rate, dense foliage and hardy nature are just some of the characteristics that make Leyland cypress a favourite garden hedge. Continue reading to find more reasons to plant a Cupressocyparis Leylandii hedge –   Our top 10 reasons to plant a Leylandii hedge – 1. Although... Read More

Evergreen hedge plants 21/02/2015

Evergreen hedging

Evergreen hedges are perfect for providing year-round colour, privacy and screening in any garden. The foliage of evergreen hedging plants is not always just green; often it can be variegated , flushed with different hues of green or coloured by other attractive shades such as greys, coppers and even reds. 1. Spotted Laurel (Aucuba Japonica Crotonifolia)  The large bright-green leaves of Aucuba Japonica Crotonifolia are variegated, splattered with golden yellow, making it a great feature hedge to illuminate a dark corner of your garden. 2. Photinia Red Robin (Photinia x Fraseri) Photinia Red Robin hedges display... Read More

Hedging Conifers 03/02/2015

Hedging Conifers

Hedging conifers have been used throughout history as privacy screens, property boundaries and often to add an air of grandeur to a garden. The colour and texture of conifer foliage differs somewhat between species as you can see below. All of these conifers are evergreen hedging plants, so the colours you see below will last throughout all seasons, creating a vibrant feature hedge or a striking backdrop for your other plants. The dense foliage of conifers is also useful for blocking out wind and noise, adding to the benefits of planting a conifer... Read More