x Christmas Gift Guide HD 02/12/2021
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Christmas Gift Guide

A best4hedging guide to choosing the right gifts this Christmas Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a new homer-owner, or filling the stocking of your green-fingered friends and family; we have created this guide full of great and unique Christmas gift ideas that last a life time… Topiary A festive feature for the garden Topiary makes a great focal point in any garden. The beautiful shapes make for a great feature in both classic and contemporary gardens. These ornamental plants have been around since the Egyptian era, and... Read More

crimbo tree 12/12/2016

Grow Your Own Christmas Tree

How many times have you heard the phrase “it’s too early to put Christmas decorations up” this year? 10? 20?…100? Well, I think now it’s completely acceptable to cover your house from head to toe in sparkling lights, hang festive wreaths from your front door and decorate your Christmas tree. I spent this weekend trying to remain calm as I untangled the Christmas tree lights whilst routing through endless boxes trying to find the remainder of tree ornaments. I always choose a real tree for my house as I love... Read More

resized 14/10/2016

Making a Planter Both Practical & Attractive

A common task gardeners are faced with is creating an allotment feature that is both practical and attractive. The other week, we were approached by a customer whose ambition was to create privacy from their neighbours with something aesthetically pleasing to look at.  The plants would be positioned in a planter made by the customer himself and located at the front of the property. Firstly, we discussed the screening element. There were a number of plants in question but the one that stood out in particular was Portuguese Laurel. This... Read More

full hedge 13/09/2016

10 reasons to choose Western Red Cedar

One of best4hedging’s top ten best-selling species, Western Red Cedar, also known as Thuja plicata, is a popular conifer hedge plant which displays incredible shades of mid to dark green. This fantastic species has an abundance of uses in a garden and is a popular alternative to the famous Leylandii. Here are our 10 reasons to choose Western Red Cedar: It has a dense, bushy habit which can be utilised for an effective privacy screen, windbreak & noise reducing feature. Its evergreen foliage means its attractive colour will be present... Read More

National Gardening Week 18/04/2016

National Gardening Week

Last week was National Gardening Week and it sent us all into a gardening frenzy. Started in 2011 by the Royal Horticultural Society, National Gardening Week is a week long celebration of gardening that shows the nations green side. Whether it’s getting together at your local communal garden, family fun at many of the events put on across the UK, or individual jobs that can no longer be put to the back of the mind, National Gardening Week has something for everyone. I spent most of my week appreciating my... Read More

Beech circle 20/01/2016

How does hardiness affect my choice of plant?

Over the weekend, we experienced a sudden change of weather as many of us here at Best4heding looked outside our windows and saw the long awaited snow that has people either jumping for joy, or hiding from the harsh weather. As the snowflakes fall and frost sets on the foliage of trees, the scenic landscapes begin to resemble a winter wonderland. With that being said, the cold conditions do make a number of gardeners panic as their attention turns to the survival of their plants and their ability to cope... Read More

griselinia evergreen hedging 24/06/2015

Green Is the New Black – Why evergreen hedging is ever popular

In summer it’s easy to forget about the classic green hedges that form the framework of your garden, especially as bright blossoms begin to illuminate your beds and borders, but it’s these evergreen building blocks that provide colour and interest long after the flowers have faded. Evergreen hedging offers a huge range of benefits in a garden as the foliage lasts all year long so, unlike deciduous hedges, evergreen plants maintain their ability to provide privacy screening, windbreaks, and attractive aesthetics, even during the winter when a deciduous hedge would lose these... Read More

spotted laurel 27/04/2015

Add a splash of sunshine to the garden with golden foliage hedging

When looking for new ways to add colour to a garden people often rely on flowers for instant impact or wait until the autumn when most hedging plants turn fantastic shades of red, orange and yellow, creating a colourful display. However, there’s another option: golden foliage hedge plants, which can add a burst of colour to your garden at any time of the year. With golden foliage hedging, it is the foliage that holds the colour rather than flowers or berries that decorate the hedge seasonally, so the colour provides... Read More

bare root cold store 07/04/2015

What is cold storage?

Cold storage is a method of prolonging the dormant season of bare root hedging plants. It means that they can safely be planted slightly beyond what is normally considered the end of the bare root season i.e. late March/early April. A cold store is, in essence, just a huge fridge. It is dark and the temperatures are kept just below freezing (-3C). This tricks the plants into staying dormant when the weather outside is beginning to reach temperatures and light levels which would normally start them into growth – effectively... Read More

evergreen hedging screen 24/03/2015

Evergreen screens

Even if you and your neighbours like each other enough to swap the occasional recipe or pop round for a catch up with a cuppa, there’s still times when you want to enjoy the privacy of your own garden without the worry of someone popping their head over the fence. There’s also the possibility that your garden is overlooked or you’re faced with an unsightly view – this is where evergreen privacy screens come in. Evergreen hedges provide the ultimate living privacy screen; offering year-round coverage with lasting colour, acting as... Read More