Feeding hedges, shrubs and roses

The first thing we should address is if it’s actually necessary to feed your plants. And the simple answer is yes. However, this differs between different types of plants; whereas Roses and containerised plants require regular feeding, hedges and shrubs can get by with the occasional feed. Many gardeners presume that plants only need feeding when they begin to show signs of poor growth, however poor growth can also be related to other factors such as drought, pests and weather damage, rather than a lack of nutrients. So when exactly... Read More


Composting for beginners

As autumn floods your garden with thousands of rusty leaves, there is no better time to start your own compost heap. Nature itself provides plenty of essential ingredients and with tons of household waste items available, creating your compost heap at home is easy and completely free! What is compost and why it is useful? Compost is organic matter made up of recycled materials that has decomposed over time and can be used as a fertilizer for growing plants. Where do I start? There are two ways in which you... Read More


Should I use horse manure?

Countless garden enthusiasts question themselves on whether or not to use horse manure as an effective compost. Here at Best4hedging, we are no strangers to using horse manure when planting a hedge, however it is not essential. If you have planted with our highly recommended Rootgrow and Bonemeal, your hedge will already be receiving a sufficient amount of nutrients to allow for healthy establishment. For those of you who are unaware of how to plant with these suggested nutrient enhancers, we have created an instructional video with running commentary to assist you... Read More

Mowing a new lawn 08/05/2015

Turf Aftercare

After laying a new lawn, the care you provide in the following few weeks are critical to the success of your turf. Similar to plants and hedges, the first season after laying your turf requires a little bit of extra TLC to encourage it to firmly establish in the soil. By following these guidelines, you’ll maintain the excellent condition in which your turf was delivered and be left with a fantastic looking lawn. Taking extra care in the first few weeks will also help to prevent any future problems from... Read More


How do I use Seaweed feed?

Seaweed feed is a liquid fertiliser applied directly to the foliage in late spring to early summer. It contains nitrate, phosphate and potassium to promote root and shoot growth. Simply dilute the required measurement, as per the instructions, and water over your plants.