Garden Cheat Sheet: Time saving products that will help you achieve garden perfection in an instant

Making your garden look beautiful doesn’t have to take years of planning. If you are looking for quick fixes to get your home and garden ready for the summer, we have the complete cheat sheet to give you a helping hand in creating the perfect outdoor space, so that you can relax when the sun starts shining… Instant Hedging Far from being a one trick pony, instant hedging can be used to suit many purposes in your garden. Why not start with our matured, ready to plant instant hedging? Most... Read More


Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space With Instant Hedging

Summer is the perfect time to get out in the garden and enjoy the weather. There’s no need to stay cooped up in the house when you can still enjoy all of your home comforts, just with the sun over your head. With so many quirky ways to bring nature indoors, we have a few ideas on how to use instant hedging to bring the indoors outdoors instead. Designs and Styles Block out unwanted views When entertaining guests in the garden, the last thing you want is an unsightly view.... Read More


April Gardening Advice 2019

Now that the clocks have changed and we’re ‘springing forward’ towards better weather (hopefully), you’ll finally start to see your hard work from the winter months appearing as bright foliage and striking blossoms in your garden.  But it’s not time to sit back and enjoy it just yet, there’s plenty of jobs to do this month and here’s our pick of the most important: Planting and pruning You can still buy and plant bare root and rootball hedging and we have started our cold storage technique, for more information on this... Read More


How To Make A Noise Numbing Retreat In The City

Are you someone who relishes city life? Having all the benefits of great shopping centres, transportation, and cuisine are appreciated, but the noise, pollution and traffic generally are not. This is why it is so important to create a really magical garden retreat where you can go after a mad day in the city. There are many practicalities to consider. First, gardens in cities are noisy. Cars, neighbours and trains are all disturbing. Often, your view may not be very inspiring either. Looking onto your neighbour’s forlorn front patio is... Read More


Hot Holly!

English Holly hedge plants have an abundance of showy red berries that adorn the glossy green foliage in the autumn/winter, following the small spring flowers. Although Ilex aquifolium needs to be pollinated for berries to occur, this normally happens naturally in a hedging situation. Holly hedging is of great interest to wildlife, offering berries for birds to feed on and dense, evergreen foliage for year-round shelter. Ilex aquifolium ‘Alaska’ is another variety of Holly hedging, similar to Ilex aquifolium, but with a few added benefits. Ilex aquifolium ‘Alaska’ is hardier... Read More

Hedgehog eating 05/03/2017

Hedgehog highways – Turning your garden into a hedgehog haven

The start of spring is a natural alarm clock for hedgehogs and as they don’t have a snooze button to hit, it’s not long until they’ll be making frequent appearances in our gardens – well that’s what we hope for anyway! But if your garden doesn’t seem to be very popular with the hedgehog population, there are plenty of things you can do to change that! For us, a home is a place to eat, find shelter and spend quality time with family, and it’s the same for hedgehogs. Hungry... Read More


Christmas Events For You & The Family

IT’S HERE! The long awaited John Lewis Christmas TV advert has spread across the nation and just like Buster the boxer on the trampoline, you’ll be jumping for joy when you see what festive events are heading your way. Event: Christmas at Kew 2016 Date: 23rd November – 2nd January (specific dates within this timescale) Location: Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 3AB Kew Gardens is offering a one of a kind Christmas experience for all the family. “A botanical wonderland awaits, with brightly coloured laser beams dancing over water, a Tunnel... Read More

unitdy hedge 01/06/2016

June Gardening Advice

Oh June, the time of year that welcomes that unfamiliar feeling of sun shining through your windows from the moment you wake up to the moment you’re ready to go to bed. It lets you truly forget about the cold weather and torrential rain (usually) and welcome the tasty BBQs, the smell of sun cream and increases the excitement of the closing minutes leading to the summer holidays. It also means us garden enthusiasts can spend hours upon hours in our own little patch of nature. But with so much time... Read More

pruning an evergreen hedge 01/05/2016

May Gardening Advice

Whilst the weather in May can be very unpredictable; varying between a heatwave one week, late frosts the next and a downpour the week after, your garden still needs plenty of attention, especially if you’re hoping for the weather to stay nice long enough to get the BBQ out. So, here’s our top gardening jobs for May to keep you busy when the weather allows: Planting and pruning Look out for reverted green shoots on your evergreens and remove them to avoid reversion taking over. Give your evergreen hedging a... Read More

Bee friendly garden 29/03/2016

Spring is here

We returned into the office after the Easter break this morning, through snow, loads of snow. Practically a blizzard. The sort of scene that wouldn’t be out of place in an Oscar winning Leonardo DiCaprio film. A dramatic contrast to when we left the office on Friday in T-shirts and sunglasses, happy that spring had finally sprung. We officially passed the first day of spring 2016 on Sunday March 20th. It was a beautiful weekend and there was a sense that shorts and summer dresses weren’t too far away. As... Read More