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Bug hotel 01/02/2019

February Gardening Advice

As spring approaches, planting conditions are starting to approve so now is the perfect time to plant bare root and root ball hedging plants, shrubs and trees- take a look at our video for advice on how to plant a bare root hedge. There is still plenty of time to plant roses, but ensure you choose an alternative area in which roses have not previously been grown to avoid new plants being exposed to replant diseases. If you want to cut back your deciduous hedges, this can be done now... Read More


September Gardening Advice

Is anyone reaching for a jacket when heading out of the door yet? (jackets- what are they?!) Central heating being turned on? It’s definitely cooled down hasn’t it! But don’t be dusting off the Winter coats just yet, temperatures are set to stay stable in September at around 20 degrees. But the cooler weather means the change in seasons and therefore a change in the garden is needed! With the upcoming bare root and root ball season fastly approaching, now is the time to be preparing your gardens for the Autumn ahead. It’s time... Read More


Protecting Our Wildlife- What You Can Do

It’s unsettling to hear in the news lately of a number birds of prey being illegally shot, poisoned and trapped across the country. Studies have been ongoing for a number of years and the figure of  incidents of birds being killed illegally is reaching almost 500. “The RSPB is calling for more to be done to protect birds of prey. Latest figures by the wildlife society show that there were 39 incidents off illegal bird killings in the South last year, with Kent and Hampshire being the second most affected areas.”... Read More


Creating An Evergreen Screen – Customer Project

Another day and another happy customer wanting to share their proud gardening achievement with us and all of our readers. The aim of this customer project was to create a large bushy screen in order to separate the front from the back garden whilst offering privacy from the main road located at the front of the house. The first stage of any hedge planting project is finding the right species. A huge part of our award winning sales team role is to help our customers choose the right species to... Read More


January Gardening Advice

January is a month for fresh starts and new resolutions, and where better to start than in the garden!? It’s a great way to work off that turkey and all those mince pies and, come spring, your plants will definitely thank you for it. We’ve put together a list of our top gardening jobs for this month to make it easy for you, so get your wellies on and get going.   Planting and moving This month is still a great time to plant your bare root hedging plants and... Read More

Trimming Leylandii 03/10/2016

October Gardening Advice

The mornings are getting colder and the nights are drawing closer, yes, it’s October and there is plenty to do in the garden this month. It’s time to finish off those late summer jobs and start preparing for the hardships ahead, so here’s our list of gardening jobs so you can keep on top of your garden and welcome winter with open arms. Lawn This is an ideal time of year to create new lawns from turf or seed or rectify summer damage by fixing patchy areas. As we are... Read More


Best4hedging’s review of the 2016 State of Nature Report

This week, the State of Nature partnership released their 2016 State of Nature report which brings information from over 50 organisations collecting data from over 7,500,000 volunteers to help record & monitor how wildlife is faring across the UK. Data was collected for over 9,670 species with a fantastic contribution and help from numerous wildlife loving volunteers. Unfortunately nature is in trouble, and more so than originally thought! Identifying 8,000 species which are of highest conservation concern, research showed that 15% are extinct or threatened with extinction from the UK,... Read More


10 reasons to choose Western Red Cedar

One of best4hedging’s top ten best-selling species, Western Red Cedar, also known as Thuja plicata, is a popular conifer hedge plant which displays incredible shades of mid to dark green. This fantastic species has an abundance of uses in a garden and is a popular alternative to the famous Leylandii. Here are our 10 reasons to choose Western Red Cedar: It has a dense, bushy habit which can be utilised for an effective privacy screen, windbreak & noise reducing feature. Its evergreen foliage means its attractive colour will be present... Read More


10 Reasons to choose Hornbeam hedging

Hornbeam is a native species favoured for its attractive foliage and ability to withstand an abundance of hindering planting sites. Also known by its Latin name Carpinus betulus, this popular hedging plant is often mistaken for Beech (fagus sylvatica) as they have a similar appearance but can be distinguished by its leaves which have deeper veins. We’ve compiled a list of ten reasons to choose this fantastic hedge plant.   It’s benefits and multitude of uses have been acknowledged by the Royal Horticultural Society and has been awarded their esteemed Award... Read More


Gardening events for you and the kids this month

It’s the summer holidays and the kids are off school. Now we are faced with the challenge and the never ending question of “what should we do with the kids this summer?” Well here at Best4hedges, we have included our favorite of the many gardening events spread across the UK which are perfect for you and your kids to enjoy. 16th Jul – 21st Aug: The Rocket Science Exhibition is full of photographs and panels from Exeter University together with those from the RHS Rocket Science exhibition at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show... Read More