Feeding hedges, shrubs and roses

The first thing we should address is if it’s actually necessary to feed your plants. And the simple answer is yes. However, this differs between different types of plants; whereas Roses and containerised plants require regular feeding, hedges and shrubs can get by with the occasional feed. Many gardeners presume that plants only need feeding when they begin to show signs of poor growth, however poor growth can also be related to other factors such as drought, pests and weather damage, rather than a lack of nutrients. So when exactly... Read More


Preparing Your Garden For Spring

As the winter weather starts to subside, it is time to get your garden ready for the start of he new season. Spring is the best time of year to get your garden ready for the summer months, and garden specialists www.oecogardenrooms.co.uk have put together some handy tips to help you get the most out of your garden this spring. General Garden Maintenance General garden maintenance is one of the first tasks you should tackle during the spring; this includes tidying up, weeding and cleaning. During the winter months debris such... Read More

Birds nest 31/07/2015

Creating a hedgehog haven: What you can do to help your local hogs (and other animals too)

Wildlife flits in and out of your garden over the summer months and into autumn. There are a number of ways to help animals not only survive, but flourish. Making a garden animal friendly will help to attract all kinds of wildlife, with insects, birds and small mammals like hedgehogs seeing the garden as their own little haven. Sadly the number of hedgehogs and other species of wildlife in the UK is decreasing, take a look at the RSPB’s 2016 state of nature report for some worrying statistics. So follow... Read More

Dormouse in a tree 25/07/2015

Our pick of the best edible hedging for hedgehogs and other wildlife

You don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy food to invite wildlife into your garden. Planting edible hedging not only offers delicious treats for you, but it is also a way of enticing birds, insects and hedgehogs. So, if you’re willing to share your wealth of berries, you’ll most definitely be rewarded with a wonderful wildlife show throughout the year. There are many varieties of edible hedging; learn how to pick the best kind… Hawthorn Hedge Plants The density of Hawthorn Hedge Plants makes them ideal nesting spots for... Read More


Discover the best hedges for both you and wildlife

Hedging is one of the most versatile touches you can add to your garden. It offers a handy way of creating privacy and is also the perfect haven for wildlife such as birds, insects and hedgehogs. With the summer in full swing, you can make sure your garden provides a great place for summer parties whilst acting as a home for nature simply by choosing your hedging wisely… Berry Hedging It’s easy to invite birds into your garden. Berry hedging entices all kinds of birds, from flocks of redwings to blackbirds,... Read More

Hedgehog Competition 03/07/2015

Win a wildlife-friendly hedging bundle worth £45 in our July #HedgesForHogs competition

Following the success of our June #LoveLavender campaign and competition, we’ve put together a fantastic prize for our July giveaway, as well as focusing our campaign on a subject close to our hearts. The keen eyed amongst you may have spotted much in the press recently about our spikey friend the hedgehog, and in particular the species’ rapid decline. In response, our July campaign is focused on helping our hedgehogs – starting in the garden. Luckily we can all help save the hedgehog population from its plight. Even placing a... Read More


Competition: Win hedging worth more than £3,000 for your school or community project

With the summer fast approaching, there’s no better time to get out into the garden and to introduce children to nature. And one of the best ways to involve them in the garden is to plant trees and hedges that are beneficial to wildlife and easy to care for. Best4hedging is giving away more than £3,000 of hedging, offering schools, community groups, local allotments and charities the chance to win one of six hedging packs for their gardening project. All that entrants need to do is send a note to... Read More

evergreen hedging screen 24/03/2015

Evergreen screens

Even if you and your neighbours like each other enough to swap the occasional recipe or pop round for a catch up with a cuppa, there’s still times when you want to enjoy the privacy of your own garden without the worry of someone popping their head over the fence. There’s also the possibility that your garden is overlooked or you’re faced with an unsightly view – this is where evergreen privacy screens come in. Evergreen hedges provide the ultimate living privacy screen; offering year-round coverage with lasting colour, acting as... Read More

Pruning topiary 11/03/2015

How to care for your topiary in 3 easy steps

Topiary trees come in a variety of different species and shapes, and look wonderful decorating both traditional gardens and gardens with a more modern twist. Whether you’re using topiary standards as a feature either side of a door way; adding texture and shape to a border with Box balls; punctuating hedges with a topiary lollipop or giving your balcony or patio some added aesthetic value, topiary is the perfect choice all round, and by following these 3 simple steps, your topiary will be healthy and handsome all year: Replanting your topiary... Read More


Win a set of topiary trimmers and a £25 voucher in our March competition

Gardening trends are shaping up to be wonderfully exciting this year as we celebrate the whimsical world of topiary. The ancient artform of pruning hedging and plants into unique shapes is positively flourishing, with topiary growing in popularity as more people aim to copy the glorious gardens of stately homes and pay homage to horticultural heritage by creating their own, stand-out, home-grown focal points in their garden spaces. Statues, ornaments and objects have been ousted by our desire not just for a sculpture but a living one. One which you... Read More