Creating An Evergreen Screen – Customer Project

Another day and another happy customer wanting to share their proud gardening achievement with us and all of our readers. The aim of this customer project was to create a large bushy screen in order to separate the front from the back garden whilst offering privacy from the main road located at the front of the house. The first stage of any hedge planting project is finding the right species. A huge part of our award winning sales team role is to help our customers choose the right species to... Read More


Creating a Wildlife Friendly Feature – Customer Project

One of our customers and wildlife enthusiast was more than happy to share their latest gardening project with us. With our help, their aim was to create a diverse wildlife friendly feature to border an area of their garden that not only attracted wildlife but also looked great. What better way to achieve this gardening goal than with our RSPB approved bird friendly hedging bundles. These bundles include a selection of wildlife friendly plants, chosen not only for their benefit to birds and other garden critters but their fantastic aesthetic... Read More

Hedgehog eating 05/03/2017

Hedgehog highways – Turning your garden into a hedgehog haven

The start of spring is a natural alarm clock for hedgehogs and as they don’t have a snooze button to hit, it’s not long until they’ll be making frequent appearances in our gardens – well that’s what we hope for anyway! But if your garden doesn’t seem to be very popular with the hedgehog population, there are plenty of things you can do to change that! For us, a home is a place to eat, find shelter and spend quality time with family, and it’s the same for hedgehogs. Hungry... Read More


RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch

Over the weekend, thousands of people across Britain will have set up watch in the hope to count as many garden birds as possible for the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch. The annual survey asks members of the public to allocate an hour of their day counting birds in their garden or local parks. Last year, about 519,000 people participated and counted 8.2 million birds. As this year’s survey included an extra day, the RSPB are hoping for an even bigger result! Unfortunately, the North West saw a serious downfall... Read More


Planting for Wildlife – Our Collaboration with Denham Estate

Recently, best4hedging provided Denham Estate in Suffolk with a range of wildlife friendly bare root plants for a project in which they aimed to create a habitat of nest sites, flowers, berries and shelter for a range of British wildlife. Matt Driver from Denham Estate was more than happy to share his reasons for choosing our Ultimate Bird Friendly Hedging Bundle, his planting process and a fantastic selection of pictures. He said “At the Denham Estate we pride ourselves on putting an emphasis on conservation work, alongside the farming operations,... Read More


Hedging for autumn colour

Hedge plants with autumn foliage are the perfect way to bring that fiery British landscape and warm seasonal atmosphere to your garden. Autumn brings a dramatic change in that a verity of species see their leaves turn from bright shades of green to blazing shades of orange and red. This phenomenon is a true spectacle and introducing autumnal plants to your garden allows you to watch the transformation and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Best4hedging offer a range of plants with autumn foliage. Best of all, these species are available as... Read More


Best4hedging’s review of the 2016 State of Nature Report

This week, the State of Nature partnership released their 2016 State of Nature report which brings information from over 50 organisations collecting data from over 7,500,000 volunteers to help record & monitor how wildlife is faring across the UK. Data was collected for over 9,670 species with a fantastic contribution and help from numerous wildlife loving volunteers. Unfortunately nature is in trouble, and more so than originally thought! Identifying 8,000 species which are of highest conservation concern, research showed that 15% are extinct or threatened with extinction from the UK,... Read More


10 reasons to choose Western Red Cedar

One of best4hedging’s top ten best-selling species, Western Red Cedar, also known as Thuja plicata, is a popular conifer hedge plant which displays incredible shades of mid to dark green. This fantastic species has an abundance of uses in a garden and is a popular alternative to the famous Leylandii. Here are our 10 reasons to choose Western Red Cedar: It has a dense, bushy habit which can be utilised for an effective privacy screen, windbreak & noise reducing feature. Its evergreen foliage means its attractive colour will be present... Read More


10 Reasons to choose Hornbeam hedging

Hornbeam is a native species favoured for its attractive foliage and ability to withstand an abundance of hindering planting sites. Also known by its Latin name Carpinus betulus, this popular hedging plant is often mistaken for Beech (fagus sylvatica) as they have a similar appearance but can be distinguished by its leaves which have deeper veins. We’ve compiled a list of ten reasons to choose this fantastic hedge plant.   It’s benefits and multitude of uses have been acknowledged by the Royal Horticultural Society and has been awarded their esteemed Award... Read More


Gardeners’ World Live

Usually, early starts don’t agree with me at all, I’m not what you’d call a morning person, but waking up at 5am was no challenge at all as today was my first time visiting BBC Gardeners’ Wold Live! 6am and it’s coffee to the rescue as I await my train to arrive to take me The NEC, Birmingham. The train stops, I grab my bag and camera, make my way to the entrance of this enormous venue and finally, after the two and a half hour train journey, I’m inside.... Read More