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January Gardening Advice

It’s a new year and there is plenty of opportunity for us to keep busy in the garden! Although January is often the coldest month, it’s also a great month to garden in preparation for a beautiful spring display. We should also be looking out for wildlife through this month, leaving appropriate food and shelter options and also making sure any water bowls haven’t frozen over. Find out how you can help wildlife here. It is still the season to plant bare root hedging plants whilst they are still dormant.... Read More

resized 14/10/2016

Making a Planter Both Practical & Attractive

A common task gardeners are faced with is creating an allotment feature that is both practical and attractive. The other week, we were approached by a customer whose ambition was to create privacy from their neighbours with something aesthetically pleasing to look at.  The plants would be positioned in a planter made by the customer himself and located at the front of the property. Firstly, we discussed the screening element. There were a number of plants in question but the one that stood out in particular was Portuguese Laurel. This... Read More

10 Reasons to choose Hornbeam hedging 01/08/2016

10 Reasons to choose Hornbeam hedging

Hornbeam is a native species favoured for its attractive foliage and ability to withstand an abundance of hindering planting sites. Also known by its Latin name Carpinus betulus, this popular hedging plant is often mistaken for Beech (fagus sylvatica) as they have a similar appearance but can be distinguished by its leaves which have deeper veins. We’ve compiled a list of ten reasons to choose this fantastic hedge plant.   It’s benefits and multitude of uses have been acknowledged by the Royal Horticultural Society and has been awarded their esteemed Award... Read More

Pruning hornbeam 01/08/2016

August gardening advice

Before I start talking about what to do in the garden this month, I want to begin by saying that the number one priority for august is to enjoy your garden and everything it has to offer at this time of year. Embrace the colourful flowers, enchanting scents and heaps of garden wildlife that are out in their numbers and (fingers crossed) plenty more sunshine. It’s summer time and its easy to forget that garden maintenance is a must, so here’s a few gardening jobs for august: Water – Remember to water and feed... Read More

Gardeners’ World Live 07/07/2016

Gardeners’ World Live

Usually, early starts don’t agree with me at all, I’m not what you’d call a morning person, but waking up at 5am was no challenge at all as today was my first time visiting BBC Gardeners’ Wold Live! 6am and it’s coffee to the rescue as I await my train to arrive to take me The NEC, Birmingham. The train stops, I grab my bag and camera, make my way to the entrance of this enormous venue and finally, after the two and a half hour train journey, I’m inside.... Read More

Beech circle 20/01/2016

How does hardiness affect my choice of plant?

Over the weekend, we experienced a sudden change of weather as many of us here at Best4heding looked outside our windows and saw the long awaited snow that has people either jumping for joy, or hiding from the harsh weather. As the snowflakes fall and frost sets on the foliage of trees, the scenic landscapes begin to resemble a winter wonderland. With that being said, the cold conditions do make a number of gardeners panic as their attention turns to the survival of their plants and their ability to cope... Read More