Topiary through the times

The art of topiary may seem quintessentially English, but did you know it actually dates back to Roman times? Topiary is a skill that’s been shaped through the ages in countries across the world, from the corners of cottage gardens to ancient temples in Japan. As part of our #toptopiary month, we’ve dug up some fun facts about its horticultural history and how topiary has shaped how we garden today: You may know what topiary is, but do you know what the word means? It’s taken from the Latin word... Read More

the history of hedges infographic 12/03/2015

The history of hedging

Hedging not only provides important habitats for a huge number of our native wildlife species and a wonderful natural feature in our countryside, but hedges also represent a living history, as they have been used for thousands of years throughout Britain: Bronze Age – The first known hedgerows were created by farmers who during this period cleared large areas of woodland in order to create more fields, and often strips of woodland were left untouched to be used as boundary lines. Some of these hedge boundaries can still be seen around parishes today... Read More