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How to tidy an overgrown hedge and high hedge disputes

Tidying An Overgrown Hedge In any garden, a hedge whether tall or short, bushy or formal can be used to define property boundaries, screen unwanted views or noise, and provide an important framework for the layout and design of your other plants; however, without proper maintenance all of these structural values can be lost, especially if a hedge is left to become overgrown. If when planting a new hedge you choose the correct species for the size and type of hedge that you require, the issue of an overgrown hedge... Read More

Hamamelis x intermedia 'Arnold Promise' 12/02/2015

How and when to prune your winter flowering shrubs

As the current cold temperatures have us dreaming of spring when we no longer have to get up that 10 minutes earlier to defrost the car, there are some preparations you need to make in the garden ready for the new season, particularly in regard to your winter flowering shrubs. If we first consider the growth cycle of winter flowering shrubs, it helps us to understand why pruning them at the correct time is so important. Winter flowering shrubs and hedges usually display attractive flowers that last right through the colder months and then start... Read More